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The worst 2 1/2 months of my life have followed what was supposed to be a routine laser of BPH. 

In an attempt to be complete, I give the entire history:

1/10/2012 - Had the laser treatment done.  Doc says everything went well.  I bled heavily on urination (blood red urine) for about 10 days after surgery.  Had urgency/frequency - he ordered Detrol-LA.  Had bad reaction to it and he changed it to Ditropan. 

~1/20/2012 Started getting burning feeling on  urination - UTI.  Was put on Bactrim.  May have helped, not sure.

~2/23/2012 UTI symptoms worsen - Put on Doxycycline, burning subside for awhile.  Eventually returns.

3/19/2012 UTI symptoms worsen more - Now he has me on Cipro, and the burning with urination is 85% less in just a few days.

Due to the regular UTI symptoms the doc thinks all my problems are infection related.  I don't think so.  Here is the part that I can't seem to get resolved, and appears to be getting worse as times goes by:

I have POSITIONAL urgency/incontinence.  I know what urgency feels like due to a UTI - been there and felt it.  At night I don't feel the pain, when I do get up - straight to the bathroom with minimal problems.  If I'm leaning back in a chair - a little worse, but still manageable.  If I'm standing the problem is huge.  I can have just voided, and if standing, in a matter of a couple of minutes I feel 'what feels like' urine escaping the bladder.  The result is pain on an order that I have never felt.  There is unbelievable urgency.  Here is the kicker - the less CCs I have to void the greater the pain.  Extreme, grabbing onto anything I can find by the toilet not to far over while voiding sort of pain.  If there is a large amount of urine to pass (which means I've been in a more or less laying down position) then to the bathroom, void, minimal problems.  The pain appears to be in the prostate, as I get a stabbing sensation at the prostate with the intense burn, and at the tip of the penis a lot of pain too.

Anybody else experience this sort of thing more than 2 months after surgery, and how did it get fixed.

Desperate here, this is making me miss work and I actually peed myself last night after just getting off from work....lucky didn't happen there.

Thanks for any help!


Situation figured out.

Took me a long time to figure this out.  It was Doxycycline induced neuropathy of the Pudendal nerve.

Hope this helps someone out in the future.


'Green Light PVP' 3 1/2 weeks ago.  Now, I often have to go "URGENTLY".  Just a little bit of volume.  Pain, but mild.  Usually after some activity, but everytime I drive someplace, and then get out of the car.  I wear a pad when I go out, but often the urgency is so bad, I get messy.  I was better off before surgery.   Then, I was just slow, and made multiple trips per night.   At least, I didn't wet myself.  The Doctor said 'You get the procedure Wednesday, come back Friday for catheter removal, and its all over.   What a crock of PooPoo!