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Hi. Ive been having a burning feeling inside my vagina for the past week. It started right after my boyfriend and I had protected sex, and for a few days it lasted all day and night. Now it is on and off, but it burns when I urinate, it burns after I urinate, and I'm urinating between 10-20 times a day. I thought this was due to my period (which I got 4 days after I had sex) but it hasn't gone away. My discharge is normal, and actually less than it used to be. I tried to flush out the problem w/ cranberry juice and used Monistat for a day. It helped minimally. I just looked at my vagina and the hole is the size of a pea, maybe smaller. I have what looks like inflammed skin over where the hole has always been before. I can't take the burning anymore, does anyone know what I can do? I'm a college kid so my family doctor's not near me, but should I just try and get home soon and see her anyway? :$


Burning after urination "dysuria" and having increased frequency "polyuria" are two major signs of a UTI, urinary tract infection. Some other symptoms include not feeling like your emptying your bladder, having cloudy urine and you can even have streaks of blood "hematuria" that can appear. I would suggest you go see your college health center or a local clinical. They will probably get a UA and perscribe an antibiotic (use extra protection with sex because antibiotics decrease the effectiveness of contraceptives like BCPs) and you should ask for something for the pain and they will give you this medication that will make your pee turn bright orange/red. Hope this helps, get help soon though, if it goes untreated it can continue up the urinary tract and affect the kidneys "pyelonephritis".