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A number of things can result in red, blotchy rashes inside the mouth. As a rule of thumb, red rashes are looked at with more suspicion than white ones and so investigated much more closely. The cause of such a symptom can range from entirely harmless to quite troublesome.

1.Allergic reaction: An allergic reaction to something that a person has eaten or drank or even a new oral hygiene product used can cause such a rash.

A rash caused by an allergic reaction will appear rapidly, usually instantly andbe accompanied by other symptoms such as swelling, burning sensation and impairment of sensory function.

The treatment involves identification of the offending allergen and then avoiding future contact with it.

2.Traumatic/ Thermal Burns: Eating or drinking something extremely hot can scald the mucosa of the mouth and can result in a reddish leasion that may appear like a rash during healing. This is a simple enough diagnosis, although often mistaken for more complicated conditions.

One thing to remember here is that even though the lesion may seem particularly bad during the healing phase, very minimal treatment is required. A specialty of the oral mucosa is that it will never heal with scarring.

3. Erythroplakia: This is a pre cancerous condition seen in people who are heavy smokers. Erythroplakia is closely related to the much more common leukoplakia, however is much more likely to turn malignant.

The clinical presentation of the condition is one of reddish patches, with slight white patches interspersed in between on the buccal mucosa, hard palate and even the sides of the tongue.

The treatment requires an immediate cessation of all tobacco use as well as symptomatic treatment to help alleviate any burning or tingling that may be associated with it.

4.Lichen Planus: There are many clinical presentations of Lichen Planus. One of the types is called Verrucious Lichen planus which is an aggressive form of the disease.

It too has a much higher incidence of turning pre malignant than other types of Lichen Planus. A link with smoking has been found although the cause for this disease is believed to be auto immune in origin.

The treatment for this is difficult and long term often requiring local and systemic steroids along with other symptomatic treatment.

5.Thrombocytopenic Purpura: This is a serious systemic disorder in which the clotting mechanism of the body malfunctions. This can cause spontaneous bleeding in different parts of the body as well as underneath the skin and mucosa.

The clinical appearance of this bleeding comes across as a rash or a patch which seems to resolve on its own.

There will be other clinical symptoms that will be present with this conditions and it is extremely unlikely that a reddish patch in the mouth will be the first symptoms that the patient notices.

Traditionally red lesions of the mouth are looked at with more concern as they have a much higher chance of being more severe than they seem. It is advisable to get a professional to examine you at the earliest.

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