Sourcery is the fifth Discworld novel. This is the third novel that features the inept wizard Rincewind as the main character. Sourcery also marks the first time that I was not bored a Rincewind novel. Rincewind would like to settle down into his life at the Unseen University, but circumstances will not allow him to. There is a new threat on the Disc, and this new threat directly threatens wizardry. This time the threat is a sourcerer. What, you may ask, is a sourcerer? If a wizard is the eighth son of an eighth son, a sourcerer is the eighth son of an eighth son of an eighth son. Or, the eighth son of a wizard. A wizard, squared. What makes a sourcerer different is that because he is a wizard squared, he has an immense amount of power that is not bound by the usual strictures of magic.

The sourcerer in question here is a twelve year old boy named Coin. Coin s existence can alter the very fabric of the Discworld and he begins by making changes at the Unseen University and by naming himself Archmage. Rincewind is thrown into a quest to stop Coin and save the world (again) by, oddly enough, running in the other direction.

Sourcery is filled with more humor and sly looks at the world than the previous Rincewind novels and after reading Mort it seems that Pratchett is hiding his stride now. Sourcery , like all of the Discworld novels, is a comic fantasy, and it is rather good.