Book 4 of the Mallorean

Have you heard the expression The more things change, the more they stay the same ? That expression is perhaps a good analogy for Eddings Mallorean. Belgarion, Polgara, Belgarath and company are hot on the heels of Zandramas, the sorceress who kidnapped Belgarion s infant son way back in Book 1 Guardians of the West . Now the group is only a couple of days behind, but more than just finding Zandramas they have to follow the prophecy which is gearing up between a final (truly final) meeting between the Child of Light and the Child of Dark. This story takes place on the continent of Mallorea, and another character is added to Belgarion s group as they follow the clues laid out by prophecy. While it may feel at times that the story will never end and that Belgarion is not truly getting closer to finding his son, this novel does give the sense that there is a true resolution that is going to happen if we just wait for it.

Neither this review nor this book is capable of changing your mind about whether or not you like David Eddings or his work. If you like Eddings, the Belgariad or the first three books in this series, then you will certainly like this one. It is more of the same. If you don t like Eddings you won t like this one because it is still more of the same. Every character is witty and makes jokes at the others expense, but in a good natured way because they all like each other. They are the same jokes and side comments that have run through 8 previous novels set in this world. On one hand the jokes are amusing, but on the other hand, we ve been reading the same jokes and comments for eight novels. This series (along with The Belgariad ) is one which hooked me on the fantasy genre when I was a young teenager, so I will always have a certain fondness for the series. In terms of overall quality, it is not one of the best you will read but it has always been enjoyable to read.