I had my peiod from aug 1-8. My b/f and i had protected sex on the 16, but the condom broke. The condom was a trojan with spermicidle lubricant. He had not ejaculated in the condom when it broke. As a 1st measure he put on another condom with spermicide into me. In the morning, he and i went out and bought plan b as another precaution and to ease my worriness. I took the first pill at 1:30pm and the second 12 hours later at 1:30am . It is now the 24th and i spotted some brownish fluid on my panties and come to find out i was bleeding. My question is that since plan b is so high in hormones, that is it messing with my cycle and creating me to start early? Is there anything i should be worried about with this early of a period? Obviously it is a week and a half early. Thanks for any input.