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Hello! I had protected sex Aug18, and 21 hours later Aug.19 I took plan b one dose; I took plan b as a precaution since my boyfriend said semen may have slipped from the base of the condom when he pulled's been about 3 weeks and 1 day since I've tooken the pill, I DID NOT have any bleeding or symptoms at all; but this last week I've been feeling breast tenderness, and stomach pain..and some weird feeling around my left nipple that comes and it possible to have symptoms 3 weeks later?? Is it bad that I didn't bleed?? Does this mean the pill did not work for me? May I be pregnant? I'm very scared and period is due in 2 -3 days and I'm scared that it will not come..please help me..


Wait till after ur period for a few days if it still doesnt come then perform a pregnancy test. 

Those are just symptoms of the pill, i guess.. and the period may be a little late or early dont worry.