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Have you missed two or three active birth control pills consecutively? Or did your partner’s condom break or he forget to pull out in time? You are the perfect candidate for plan B.

This is the pill which contains a hormone which lessens the chances of getting undesirably pregnant. Take it within 24 hours of sexual exposure and its effectiveness is 95 percent. If you have availed within 72 hours, still it is 89 percent effective.

This pill contains a called hormone progesterone that is present inside you, but in a much higher dosage, which can prevent ovulation as well as to prevent the passage of the sperms for fertilization.

But does it mean that anybody can take it? No, you cannot take it if you are already pregnant or having any form of abnormal menstrual bleeding. You are also not the suitable candidate if you weigh more than 165 pounds. You have to opt for other alternative emergency contraceptive measures for prevention of pregnancy.

You may experience some side effects following the intake of plan B. This high hormone-containing pill could disrupt your body-hormonal balance temporarily. You may experience nausea, vomiting, weakness, dizziness or fatigue following intake of plan B. Do not get upset also if you experience any form of vaginal discharge, bleeding or breast tenderness. They are not the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, but only the side effect of the pills. Pregnancy symptoms take at least four weeks time to get pronounced.

Breast tenderness is not an uncommon complaint and usually occurs five to seven days later. Your breasts may become a bit tender and swollen.This is absolutely a self-limiting condition. You can try to support your breasts by wearing a well-fitted undergarment.Your period may come earlier or can remain postponed for a few weeks following intake of plan B. It may also be heavier or lighter than your usual flow. But do a pregnancy test if you do not have your period, even after three weeks of exposure.

Plan B could not act effectively if you are on some form of medication. Some anti-tubercular drug,anti-epileptic drugs,barbiturates or even some vitamins or herbal products can modify the action of this hormone-containing  pills and may cause failure. You need to consult your doctor if you are on any form of medication before intake of this pill.

Plan B neither prevents transmission of any sexually transmitted disease nor is effective if you have sex following pill intake. You may need to consult your doctor for effective screening for these diseases if you do not know your partner’s status.

Plan B should not be routinely used as a regular contraceptive and think of it as a backup. Thus, it is designated as ‘’B”. You have to opt for other regular  contraceptives to get an effective long run prevention.

To conclude, plan B is an effective therapy against unwanted pregnancies provided you take it within the stipulated time.Some side effects are there due to high hormonal content, but most of them are self-limiting.

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