As we mentioned in previous articles during the last stage of the menstrual cycle normally a layer of endometriosis lining in the inside of the uterus is expelled, known as menstruation blood but instead some of the endometriosis tissues grow somewhere in the body causing endometriosis. Endometriosis also reacts to hormonal signals of the monthly menstrual cycle bybuilding up tissue, breaking it, and eliminating it through the menstrual period. In this article, we will discuss what is ultrasonography in endometriosis ?
Ultrasonography is defined as a diagnostic imaging technique that uses high frequency sound waves to create a picture of our body internal organs including tendons, muscles, joints, vessels.

There are two types of ultrasonography diagnosis
1. Ultra sound
In order to evaluate the abdominal including the uterus. You will be lying down with a full bladder for the procedure then a high frequency waves will pass through your body abdominal region with a medical device move back and forth in the abdomen with a thin jellylike substance applying to the skin on your abdomen to improve the contact of your body.
After the image is taken, either the operator or the doctor in the office will explain to you what have been seen. You will be asked to either take the image to your doctor or they will send it.
If there are endometrial cysts, they will be captured in the image because of their darker shapes than other fluid filled cysts. Unfortunately, ultra sound imaging can not reveal endometriosis in the pelvic cavity.

2. Transvaginal ultrasound
Transvaginal ultrasound is defined as ultrasound taken with a transducer inserted into the vagina ( if you are discomfort with this procedure, you may ask the operator that you will do the insertion yourself to decease your discomfort). The transvagina ultrasound works well for measuring the thickness of the endomerium, endometrial hyperplasia and cancer.

Diagnostic sonography is a safe and less time consuming procedure, it is often one of the first test that your doctor orders.

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