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brown discharge, period?

Answered by a doctor

my daughter is 13 years old and hasn't had her period yet. she has recently found brown, almost black, discharge in her underwear and a little bit of red here and there. does this mean she is starting her period?

by User avatar lizab

I need help with Humphreys 11 pills.

Answered by a doctor

I reside in Jackson, Ms. I am trying to locate Humphreys 11 pills. I have called almost every pharmacy in the area, only to be told that they don't sell them. I know that there is somewhere in Mississippi that they sell this product. Can anyone please tell me where to find them????????

by User avatar Guest

cycle will not go off after month and a half of flow. I've been very tired and fatigued lately

Today makes a month in a half my cycle has been on. It has been flowing heavy since 1/12/19. I just don't understand why my cycle is going on for this long and why it haven't stopped. I be so tired and drained lately. I have a lot of blood clots coming from me. I want to know is there anything I...

by User avatar Guest

Period related boils? What's going on?

Answered by a doctor

Every month about a week or 5 days before I get my period, I get a boil in the exact same place. It last about 3-4 days until it pops, and blood comes out of it...Then it leaves a purplish scar...I don't know if its really a boil, its down below, on my pubic hair line. Same thing..Month after month....

by User avatar Scared Silly

large menstrual blood clots

Answered by a doctor

I passed a blood clot about 3 inches long and somewhat thick, and a second one about 1 inch long. I dont normally have blood clots and never any nearly this size. After the clots passed I experianced very heavy bleeding for about 6 - 8 hours. My period usually last about 5 - 7 days and last month...

by User avatar snow

Periods end in one day, but I never had sex before? Should I consult a doctor?

My periods last only in one day. And i never had sex yet. Is it normal or should i consult a doctor? 

by User avatar Guest

my menstrual period lasts only 1 day

Answered by a doctor

Hi everyone my period lasts only 1 day, maximum 1 and half day... what can be the reason behind this ? How long should period last?  i'm quite worried Thanks

by User avatar shine8242224

I've been bleeding everyday for over 2 months!!

Answered by a doctor

Hopefully someone can help me....I do have an appointment next week but I am curious if anyone has ever gone through this (or know someone who has..) My last normal period was April 1st. On April 15th I began to bleed very lightly and since the 15th of April I have bleed everyday. Its never been...

by User avatar Momof26486

Stopped Birth Control.. and bleeding A LOT!

Hello, I stopped birth control about 3 weeks ago. A week after I stopped I had a with drawl bleed for about 3 days. Now a week later I started my "period" and it has been lasting 8 days! I'm going crazy! It has been very heavy for the last 4 days also. Has anyone else had this issue?

by User avatar MN004294099