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Tattoo Fever is one of the bestselling downloadable tattoo collections online. Downloads they provide can be accessed right away and saved onto your computer. The package contains 14,735 designs in various e-books .There are over 1900 sheets of flash (200MB) which include zodiac signs, Chinese zodiac and Chinese lettering.

The main collection includes 6 tattoo e-Books included as bonuses. A "Tribal Tattoos" e-Book features 1100 tribal designs in 24 categories. Others include: "Tattoos Unlimited" which has 1000 categories of black and white designs in A4 size, "Got Ink", "Chinese Names", "The Art of Tattoo" (design info) and "Dragon Fever" (a book of 220 dragon designs).

Numerous designs and images are in large format and all can be printed out to get inked. Flash and other unique designs are featured on the site. Every visitor is offered a free "crash course" in tattoos. There is no online community.

Take a look at what's inside this bonus (remember this is only 1 of 5 that you will ultimately get!:

Preparing Yourself and the Client to Tattoo
The Tools You Need
Creating and Applying Tattoo Stencils
How To Use The Tattoo Machine
How to Properly Use The Needles
Shadowing and Shading
Tattoo Inks
What You Need To Do After the Tattoo Session
Preparing Yourself
Setting up your Own Tattoo Shop
Getting Organized
A Brief on Business Plans
Working with Tattoo Practice Skins


Hi there, is this a book on how to make tattoos or is this a book on how to find tattoos? I'm a little confused by your post. Can you let me know?