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Until recently, human brain was an unexplored area scientists knew little about. Development of science and technology in the last couple of years changed the situation and today scientists are even able to manipulate the brain.

In a new study, eight patients who suffered chronic pain were successfully taught to “think away” their suffering by learning to manipulate the activity of the brain.

Living with chronic pain is hard as it often doesn’t respond to standard therapy and leaves patients suffering throughout their entire lives, having a great impact on their lives, their families and society.

Scientists used a new scanning technique called as real-time functional MRI to capture live images of activity in a part of the brain called the rostral anterior cingulate cortex, that handles painful stimuli. They think it is possible to train people to change the way in which the pain centers of the brain process painful stimuli and that way make the perception of pain less intense. The scans allowed the subjects to see what effect their thoughts were having on a small region of the brain, helping them to concentrate on changing its activity.

The goal of the study was to exercise the brain, to retrain it by thinking of pain as something pleasant rather that what it really was.

Although the pain was never completely gone, all eight participants reported reducing their pain for at least 50% or more.
The pain was never completely gone, but it was better.


Im only 14 and this seems useless, in science class we learn when trying to find out things you have to have a control group and the experimental group. The experimental group will be given vitamin C beacuse say were trying to see if the Vitamin will help people reduce cancer. The control will be given a placebo (sugar pill). Say that the vitamin C did help people reduce cancer cells. On the other hand some people on the control group have also shown the same results beacuse they believed that they were getting the same thing as the other group. Just because the minds believes it can have an effect on the body!!!!!
So for all you brilliant scientists "stop wasting tax dollars on stupid sh-- and dumb experiments ! " >;) can any1 agree with me ?