Scientists did some research on mice and found that some of the drugs people use for hypertension can prevent Alzheimer’s disease. They didn’t yet confirmed these experimental results but still they say there’s a great chance for success of this study in the near future.

Researchers tested various drugs that are used to treat high blood pressure such as: Inderal, Coreg, Diovan, Cozaar, Cardene, Midamor, Apresoline and during the experiment found that Diovan blocks certain beta – amyloid ingredients which have ability to form plaque found in brains destroyed by Alzheimer’s disease.

Test was performed on mice that were genetically at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers divided mice into two group. One group drank water with dose of Diovan lower than that used for people with high blood pressure and other group of mice got ordinary water. Test lasted for 11 months and after it, mice took a memory test in which they had first to learn the path through a maze and then remember it. Result was that the mice who took water with Diovan for 11 months had better results in the maze test. Still, when researchers tested mice without genetically risk of dementia, Diovan didn’t help or hurt the mice during the maze test.

Conclusion is that there’s still no evidence that Diovan helps in preventing Alzheimer’s disease in people but this research on mice gives hope that more tests will be performed in order to provide some significant results.