Scientists found that drug, called LY686017 can neutralize the action of a protein called NK1R which is involved in the stress response in the brain. Researchers discovered this when they noticed that mice without this protein seemed to have less desire for alcohol. During the study, researchers included 50 participants and gave the NK1R- blocking drug to 25 recovering alcoholics while 25 others received ineffective placebo. Results showed that those people who received the drug reported 50% fewer alcohol cravings.

During the study, people who received the drug reported decreased cravings for alcohol than those people who took placebo. During the research, patients were in hospital where they were isolated from possible behavioral triggers from the outside world. Scientists created stressful situation for the patients and the allowed them to smell alcohol.

Results showed that patients who took drug produced less stress hormone cortisol than patients who took placebo. Researchers hope that these findings could lead to developing new drug that can help people to fight alcohol craving. Experts think that this drug could be of great benefit to people who drink in order to relieve stress in their lives or have anxiety disorders.