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Recently, the Indiana University School of Medicine made a study of teenagers has shown that part of the brain involved in decision-making and self control was impaired by exposure to ‘violent images’.

Scientists believe there may be a link to previous reports of violent TV programmes and computer games triggering the aggression not only by teenagers.

Results showed less brain activity in the frontal lobes of the youths as they watched violent video games. In the new investigation, scientists looked at two groups each consisting of 14 adolescent boys and 5 girls.

All the members of one group had a history of violence and had been diagnosed with disruptive behavior disorder (DBD). The second, control group, had no past record of behavioral problems.

Both volunteer groups had been exposed to different amounts of violent media in their everyday lives. Media violence exposure was defined as the average amount of time per week that the adolescents watched TV programmes or played video games depicting human injury.

Brain scans showed that all members of DBD group displayed a reduced amount of activity in the frontal cortex, even those without high exposure to violent images.

Among the control group, normal frontal cortex activity was seen in those spared heavy doses of violence in the media. But normal volunteers who were highly exposed suffered the same defects as their disruptive peers.

Study leader Professor Vincent Matthews, said: “We found that individuals in the control group with high media violence exposure showed a brain activation pattern similar to the pattern of the aggressive group.”

In other words, any association found to exist between media violence exposure and brain functioning should be taken seriously. During these tests the scientists found high rates of exposure to violent television and video games in teens. However this is but just beginning to explore the possible implications of this exposure for brain and behavioral development.

Nowadays there are thousands of articles showing that exposure to violent TV programmes or computer and/or video games especially causes individuals to be more aggressive.

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