A study performed on hamsters, that were given steroids, showed an abnormal behaviour and aggression. It is thought that steroids have if not the same but then similar effect on teenagers.

The effects anabolic steroids provide to its users are short termed but the long-term effects steroid shave on brain are permanent.

It was found that teenagers who use steroids for a long time may suffer mood swings, hallucinations and paranoia, liver damage and high blood pressure and are at increased risk of developing heart disease, stroke and some types of cancer. There could even be problems with withdrawal effects, as getting of steroids could lead its users to depression.

In normal circumstance, hamsters play with their mates when they are put in the same cage. The hamsters that were injected anabolic steroids became hostile and aggressive. The effects didn’t subside even when the drug was withdrawn. These effects had lasted for two weeks after which the hamsters became friendly again. When researchers analyzed the hamsters’ brain after they had died, it showed changes in their brain activities.

Teenagers’ brains may experience permanent changes because their brains are more adaptable and steroids could change the trajectory if administered during development.

Researchers are hoping that these findings will help them in developing treatments for aggressive behaviour, no matter whether caused by steroid abuse or not.