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are benzodiazepines the same as diazepam?

My mother has terrible anxiety. She lives in a constant fear, she worries about future too much, she cries a lot and she feels miserable. This is all followed with pain attacks. Last several weeks she has been going to some psychotherapy. She has been using benzodiazepines before, but now she is on...

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Side effects from taking temazepam

Hello! My name is Christine and I am 29 years old. I am suffering from insomnia and my doctor prescribed me temazepam. I am feeling very strange and I assume that this is just side effect. But, regarding the fact that I do not know what side effects provides temazepam, I hope you will tell me.

by User avatar brittany145664989

Is seroquel 100mg a sleeping tablet?

Answered by a doctor

Hi all I need some information. My Dr. prescribed me Seroquel 100mg and told me that it's a sleeping tablet, I have looked it up on the net and what he says and what the net says are two different things. Is he wrong? Maybe it is for something else and can it help you sleep? Info asap would be...

by User avatar jardimclaudia

What are the side effects of serequel?

Answered by a doctor

HI. I’m thinking to start using serequel so I’m interested in side effects I might experience. Did anyone here try it??? What were your experiences??? Thanks.

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Answered by a doctor

has anyone had trouble with there liver and or speen in taking seraqel the drug has worked wonders for me now i have been taken off because they said it was damaging my liver and spleen. Im tired of trying new durgs i want back on seraquel! 8-|

by User avatar kurtyvette

Anyone taking Risperdal?

Is there anyone taking risperdal? I need some advice regarding risperdal use and its side effects. My 19 years old daughter is diagnosed recently with bipolar disorder-it is about manic depression more precisely and she has also been hospitalized for 3 weeks. Now she is back home and this is her...

by User avatar cheri19437

ambien ingredients

Answered by a doctor

What are the ingredients of ambien? What class of drugs does it belong? Has it anything in common with sedatives or anxyolitics? I was thinking about sleeping disorder therapy, because I’ve developed a condition that I call sleeping anxiety. I’m scared to fall asleep at night and stay keeping...

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With diagnosis of bipolar disorder I have been recommended for using Seroquil tablets. I know Seroquil, or quetipine fumarate is medication that is a member of category of medicines called psychotropics. Also I know have been shown to be effective in treatment of many symptoms of mania in bipolar...

by User avatar tufo1594

stomach pain associated with lithium

Answered by a doctor

I have been taking Lithium for about a week now, up to 600mg so far. Last night I almost went to the hospital with severe stomach pains. I basically sucked it up when I saw via internet that this was a side effect of lithium. How long does it last for. Right now, it is just a dull pain, but I am...

by User avatar sunflower 29000

Tardive Dyskinesia - Persistent Movement disorders are caused by many drugs

Persistent Movement disorders are caused by many drugs. They are irrreversable. Drugs in the family of piperazine, piperadine , and aliphatic phenothiazines over long periods of time, (decades) Tardive Dyskinesia may occur after even short periods. There is no Tx .It is a dopaminergic deficient...

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