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Could chiropractic neck adjustment cause throat problems?

I have been having these neck problems for almost a year now. I was nothing much in a beginning, just a slight annoyance and it stayed like that until several weeks ago when it turned into a real pain. So, I have been thinking about chiropractic neck adjustment, can that cause throat problems?

by User avatar leisha35109

What are math skills for massage therapy?

What are math skills for massage therapy?

by User avatar Guest

Reflexology as a diagnostic method now? Get real!

Answered by a doctor

I cannot believe what modern people do nowadays. Many of them refer to a reflexology as a diagnostic method now. I mean, get real! Even reflexologists cannot agree among them how this “discipline” works and what its mechanism of action is. I hope there is someone else that shares my...

by User avatar hurleigh651202918

Is Chiropractic a legitimate form of treatment?

Answered by a doctor

I have been thinking about the best way to deal with my neck problems. Doctors did not help me much, except for giving me the drugs to ease the pain. A friend of mine suggested me to go to a chiropractic practitioner. Is chiropractic a legitimate form of treatment? I would not want to worsen my...

by User avatar Guest

Can chiropractic cause nausea?

Answered by a doctor

My friend has just returned from his chiropractic neck session and he says that the neck is great, but that nausea came. It held him for couple of hours and then it was gone. Can chiropractic cause nausea? I am just so worried about him; I don’t want to see him suffer.

by User avatar theresina20753350

Reflexology is a scam, why can’t everyone see that?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, guys. I am sick of hearing about this reflexology. Please, people, do you really believe that by squeezing and pressing some points on your feet, you can really heal someone from colon cancer or arthritis? Why can’t everyone see that this is scam and nothing more? Can someone back me up?

by User avatar justus171498348

Is reflexology suitable for children with anxiety problems?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, there. My kid has some problem with anxiety. My friend recommends me and my husband to try with reflexology treatments. Supposedly reflexology treatments can help treat anxiety in children. I know that this method is great for reducing the stress, but is it really suitable for children with...

by User avatar adina114476791

What are your thoughts on chiropractics?

Who else here sees one. I do not see one regularly, maybe once a month or so when I feel I need to be straightened out. I will for the next two weeks to prep me for my half marry. Usually when my volume goes up I feel I need more straightening out. I have been going for a long time (8...

by User avatar copteacher

Can chiropractor cure migraines? Or at least decrease frequency severity?

Answered by a doctor

I know a lot of us out here suffer from migraines - has anyone gone to a chiropractor for migraines?? Any success?? Decrease frequency severity???

by User avatar prohemp

Open College reflexology degree?

Answered by a doctor

I see that many people in my surroundings talk about reflexology and reflexologists. Who are these people? Where did they get their education? I was hoping to find out something about them. Is there any open college in reflexology where you can get a degree in this? What do you know about this?

by User avatar adam1408183597