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Breast lump on the right breast on the first day of my period - is it cancerous?

Good morning.I’ m Selah.  and I'm 44 years old married. We have 3 kids.  I felt a lump on my right breast on the first day of my period this month( April, 2019). I'm very concerned about it, especially after I read some of the characteristics of a cancerous and none cancerous...

by User avatar Guest

14 Years Old - Lump UNDER left nipple, which is quite painful

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I am 14 years old, and have recently come across a very painful left nipple, when any pressure is applied, even just touching it. I have recently found a lump UNDER the nipple, which is very close to my skin. I am sure it isnt cancer, looking at symptons, and just want advice. Thanks

by User avatar Spiral

purple dot on left breast, no pain, not sure?

Answered by a doctor

Recently i have noticed a small purple dot on the side of my left breast, it doesnt hurt, but im not sure what it is. Anyone have any ideas what it could be as im slightly worried?

by User avatar skipitworld47637

excessive breast pain after mammogram

Answered by a doctor

I had a mammogram and when they read it, saw something that they wanted to view closer. I went back for another, much more painful mammogram that viewed mostly the nipple area. The "squeeze" pressure was incredibly painful, and they explained it away as saying they wanted to get the best...

by User avatar Mish

I have a red spot above my nipple, a bit of skin is coming off and having yellow spot in the middle

I am coming 13 next month. And I have a red spot above my nipple, I'm worried incase it is breast cancer. It is red with a little bit of skin coming off it, and yellow in the middle. Should I be worried? 

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don't like nipples to be touched

Answered by a doctor

I have a question I hope someone can answer. Am I weird, because I do not like my husband to touch my nipples. Even if anything accidently rubs against them , it pisses me off, I just hate it... What is wrong with me? There is no painfullness in them or any thing else like that so what can be wrong...

by User avatar curiosaboutit44265

I grow nipple hair. How bad will it get?

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I'm 14 1/2 and I started growing hairs around my nipples a few months ago. There's a complete circle on the left breast and nearly on the right. There are 46 hairs on the left and 29 on the right. They are dark and thick and some are quite long. I tried to pluck them out but it hurts. I am...

by User avatar Cindy

a rash under my breast...

Answered by a doctor

hi i am 34 and i have very large breast..and i have gotten a very red rash under my breast..i know it is from sweating but i can't get rid of it,, any ideas how to help...also i also have like pimples on my breast that i have poppe dand are scabbed and will not heal any dea what could be going on...

by User avatar rain6417

Lump under my right MALE nipple.

Answered by a doctor

Hi, im male 15 years old and about two days ago, I found a pea sized lump which hurts when I toutch it, under my right nipple. I have had a similar problem before but there wasn't a lump, it just hurt. It went after a few weeks maybe a month. Im concerned plainly because there is a lump and it is...

by User avatar Guest

severe nipple pain

Answered by a doctor

i am a 31 year old female not pregnant and have had no children. my nipples become extremely painful in the winter time especially when ive been outside for at least 15 minutes. i have tried to (pad) my bra to cover the nipple with tissues, bandaids and other cloths. i even wear multiple layers of...

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