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I think I may have breast cancer. I did a self breast exam and some yellow green fluid leaked out

Last night I was doing my first breast exam  in my bedroom.  I didn't know how to do it so I was reading it off my laptop.  I fall owed each step and they allwent well until the fifth step went said to check your nipples for any discharge by squeezing every part of your breast....

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purple dot on left breast, no pain, not sure?

Answered by a doctor

Recently i have noticed a small purple dot on the side of my left breast, it doesnt hurt, but im not sure what it is. Anyone have any ideas what it could be as im slightly worried?

by User avatar skipitworld47637

I’m producing milk and I’m not pregnant

  Hi my name is Jellybean  When I squeeze my nipples, milk comes out. Not a whole lot of milk, but a droplet or two. This started a couple of years ago and saw a doctor about it originally but she dismissed it.  However, the other day I squeezed my nipples and milk squirted...

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Large Areolas on C-cup

Answered by a doctor

I am 16 years old, so some may find this question inappropriate, but it really isn't. I am a virgin and waiting until to engage in sexual activity. I have always been extremely insecure about my body. I've always thought I was fat  (I'm 122 llbs). I've always thought I was too tall (I'm 5'5"). And...

by User avatar Doni B

large puffy areola

Answered by a doctor

hello! I have a major self esteem issue with my breasts. I am a big B small C cup, and although my boobs do not sag at all (very slight tear drop shape but very perky) but I have large and puffy areolas. I am extremely self conscious of this and it is becoming a big issue. All I ever hear guys...

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If I touch my nipples for any reason I feel really uneasy in my stomach

I'm a 20 year old girl and I have a really weird question. If I touch my nipples for any reason I feel really uneasy in my stomach. Its only when I touch my own nipples though, when my boyfriend does (in general or in the bedroom) I'm perfectly fine, I even enjoy it. Just wondering if this means...

by User avatar LittleBitConfused

natural breast enlargement in menopause? my breasts and nipples just got bigger

I am 52 and just starting the menopause. My breasts have gone from a D cup size to a F within the last three months and my nipples have gone from 1 - 3 cm to 3 - 5 cm and tingle all the time, it is awkward when always look erect, I am wearing thick jumpers at the moment but dread the summer when...

by User avatar kimmy12

Why are big areolas considered unattractive?

Answered by a doctor

After being on multiple forums and websites, I have definitely come to understand and accept that big areolas, what I have, are considered unattractive, gross and disgusting(which is fine). I am a virgin but if the time comes sooner than expected, I will personally wear a bra during sex, but overall...

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I have a sharp like middle pain in my left breast, it runs all the way to my back

I have a sharp like middle pain in my left breast, it runs all the way to my back, left side too! 

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Mammogram bruise on a breast. she's now taking warfarin

Mammogram nightmare! My Mom is 81 and had a mamm one week ago tomorrow. She showed me her breast the next day...OMG! It was bruised 1/4 up her breast around the nipple area...I have never seen anything like it. I took her to the walk in clinic and the female Dr. was very surprised at what she saw,...

by User avatar Sharly55