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burning and peeling skin on face after mammogram

I will never get a mammogram  again. What happened to me seems unique as I can find ni posting anywhere with the same issue. I am 68, live a very organic natural lifestyle and know my body pretty well. The only medicine I take is bio identical hormones. To get the RX I have to go for a...

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Lump under my right MALE nipple.

Answered by a doctor

Hi, im male 15 years old and about two days ago, I found a pea sized lump which hurts when I toutch it, under my right nipple. I have had a similar problem before but there wasn't a lump, it just hurt. It went after a few weeks maybe a month. Im concerned plainly because there is a lump and it is...

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I grow nipple hair. How bad will it get?

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I'm 14 1/2 and I started growing hairs around my nipples a few months ago. There's a complete circle on the left breast and nearly on the right. There are 46 hairs on the left and 29 on the right. They are dark and thick and some are quite long. I tried to pluck them out but it hurts. I am...

by User avatar Cindy

excessive breast pain after mammogram

Answered by a doctor

I had a mammogram and when they read it, saw something that they wanted to view closer. I went back for another, much more painful mammogram that viewed mostly the nipple area. The "squeeze" pressure was incredibly painful, and they explained it away as saying they wanted to get the best...

by User avatar Mish

white flaky stuff around nipple. is it because of my dry skin?

At the end of the day, when I take my bra off to take a shower, I see these white flakes around my nipple area. The flakes are small, and I was wondering if it is because of dry skin or should I be concerned and see my doctor. 

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Saggy and painful breasts after mammogram to A Cup in mid-30s

I'm mid-30s and they suggested a mammogram after I found a lump which was probably benign but she said to check there were no smaller lumps that couldn't be felt. I was unsure, but the doctor in her 20s (it was a university hospital) assured me that it was safe and painless. She knew it was my first...

by User avatar Misaki

Extra long nipples, what can I do about them

What can I do about my almost two inch nipples? I am 27 and female in good shape, with a normal B-size cup. Though my nips sort of fold in in most bras I can never wear anything without a bra. A bit embarrassing at times.

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Why do men dislike big areolas?

Answered by a doctor

Why do men dislike big areolas? I just want to know why, I'm not judging at all so please, all honest answers are welcome

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I have puffy areolas will I keep them after pregnancy or they will change permanently?

hi, I already posted this in "breasts" but I have no answer so far I'm fond of my boobs as they are, with "puffy" areolas and also my husband loves them a lot but I was told that pregnancy will change that permanently and that my areolas will be flat afterwards now I'm a month pregnant and...

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Nipple hypersensitivity - help!

Answered by a doctor

I am 25. Ever since I was 12 I have had increasingly over-sensitive nipples. not only do I NOT enjoy being touched in that area by itself, but I cannot wear anything w/o a bra and any kind of movement of anything at all over my nipples really makes me uncomfortable. I hav gone to doctors and gone...

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