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Can these physical signs be a genetic disorder? They are the only symptoms

These are the only symptoms. Brilliant deep blue eyes , rounded nose tip square jaw, thick eyebrows.

by User avatar artemesia

Neuropsychological profiles of children with Asperger disorder?

Hi, folks. My friends have some problem with their kid. As I have found out, he has Asperger disorder. I would like to know which neuropsychological profile of these children is. I would appreciate if anyone could tell me something more about this syndrome. Thank you in advance for all your help.

by User avatar conrade49114

Are these signs of a genetic syndrome? premature gray hair, brilliant blue eyes, thick brows

A nineteen year old man presents with premature gray hair, brilliant blue eyes, thick brows..flat nose bridge Is there a genetic syndrome he could be diagnosed?

by User avatar artemesia

Autism and Agent Orange

Answered by a doctor

My son has Autism. His father is a Viet Nam veteran, and was exposed to Agent Orange. I am wondering if anyone has any information regarding whether or not there is a connection between these two. I strongly suspect there is, but typically, the Dept. of Veteran's Affairs isn't being much help....

by User avatar sheilah


I have a grandson aged 18 who is very ill with ocd, I am desperate to find the Linden method, is there anyone out there can help? Carole

by User avatar Guest

Can't keep a job, People get on my nerves, I end up fighting

I can't seem to hold onto a job very long due to people getting on my nerves and me getting into arguements with everyone. I refuse to be ordered around by someone cause they think they are so high and mighty. People always seem to want to run their mouths, who gives a crap about what they have to...

by User avatar Aggravated92947

Can autistic patients take care of themselves?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, folks. My nephew is suspected to have autistic syndrome. There is couple of tests to be done, but the doctors are pretty sure. I would like to know if these patients can take of themselves later. What do you know about this? I would really appreciate all your replies considering this. Thanks.

by User avatar terence128988136

If someone already has dyslexia, is it possible to get rid of it?

I'm am doing a prodject about dyslexia and I can't find anything about if someone can get rid of dyslexia any where. Can some one realy get rid of it and there just not saying, or can you realy not get rid of it? I would like to know if anyone finds anything.

by User avatar Sugar_Crazzy

Dutch Kentucky Syndome

My child has a rare disorder called Dutch Kentucky. I have it too. His mouth opening is small. Dutch Kentucky involves the shortening of the tendons of the feet, hands, and jaw, and shallow hip sockets. I am looking for anyone that I can talk to about it or share some experience….also looking for...

by User avatar alguire42

Can Agent Orange cause Autism

Can Agent Orange cause Autism

by User avatar JOSEPH