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Can I take Sudafed long term?

For years I have problems with my sinuses. I was searching some medication I could use for a long time and somehow I got recommendation for Sudafed. This off course came from my friends and from any expert. That is why I must check this information before I start taking this medicine. Can I take...

by User avatar brendon43631

Is it Ok to take Sudafed while taking Allegra?

I have a complicated, severe sinusitis. It worsens during spring, because allergic rhinitis kicks in and when the symptoms of these two conditions combine, I can hardly wait for the spring to finish. Of all symptoms, strong headaches are giving me the problem, they are especially emphasized when I...

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Is pseudoephedrine an antidepressant?

My daughter is in depression for several years. She has started with therapeutic sessions and takes medicament therapy too. She has tried to commit suicide two times and I am very worried for her mental state. I always consult with her psychiatrist (even though I should not do that). I am so...

by User avatar tawnya38434

Afrin addiction for more than 10 years, I am now trying the dilution method

I am 46 years and I use Afrin (I am in Belgium, it's called Nessivine here, but it is the same stuff). I began my habit more than 10 years ago and I decided I can't go on for the rest of my life. I have gone to an ENT doctor who prescribed me oral steroids and a corticoid nasal spray (the last...

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is it safe to take neurofen whilst taking sudafed

 is it safe to take neurofen whilst taking sudafed

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Zicam warning - Never use the version intended for throat as nasal spray

Answered by a doctor

Zicam. Never use the version intended for throat as nasal spray. I assumed they were the same basic formula and experienced horrible pain for hours for my mistake. I have had burning sensation with zicam nasal spray anyway but this was extreme pain.

by User avatar rth3300355199

Doctor gave me guaifen/ phenylephrine and biaxin XL

those are the meds the dr gave me at the urgent care center the other day. quite a mouthfull, huh? i went to an urgent care center because the nurse at the drs office laughed at me when i asked for an appt yesterday and i didnt feel like driving into school to go to the clinic there. not too...

by User avatar crazyfrog

Anyone had help with Loratadine for ear and nasal congestion?

Hay fever is my problem for years. I tried many decongestants, but all of them worked for a while and then nothing. I dont know what to do any more about this. I even talked to my doctor in several occasions about this, but we didnt find solution, until now. My doctor prescribed me Loratadine. Did...

by User avatar ashton45407

How do you get relief from nasal congestion if you can't take decongestants?

Hello, I hope that you can help me with my problem. My son is 8 years old and it seems like he is allergic to decongestants and I don’t know how to help him. I mean, how do you get relief from nasal congestion if you can’t take decongestants? Do you know?

by User avatar nonnah42863853

Sudafed during pregnancy?

I have a bad cold. I can barely breathe. Sleeping is a big problem now. When I start to cough I think that I will suffocate. Also my nasal passages are full of mucous. To be more complicated, I am pregnant. I have morning sickness and all this is too much. Doctor gave me Sudafed, but I heard that...

by User avatar rafaelita35051