I am 46 years and I use Afrin (I am in Belgium, it's called Nessivine here, but it is the same stuff). I began my habit more than 10 years ago and I decided I can't go on for the rest of my life. I have gone to an ENT doctor who prescribed me oral steroids and a corticoid nasal spray (the last one is now also available over the counter in Belgium).That didn't work, after 5 days of severe insomnia, I put the stuff again. I am now trying the dilution method (the nasal spray bottle can be opened with a pair of pliers). Here they have also a "child" and a "baby" version of Afrin, which are just the same stuff diluted, you can try that also. I just use a 1/3 diluted 1 times a day now. I hope the end is near.

I know that Afrin like spray are only available under prescriptions in France. I know understand why. This stuff is terribly addictive.