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Drinking alcohol after gall bladder removal

Answered by a doctor

Hello! My husband had his gall bladder removed in Oct. 2006 at the age of 31. He has had the normal adjustments to learning what he can and cannot eat. He has dealt with that well. But, there is one aspect of "this new life" that he is having a hard time with. He has had a hard time...

by User avatar Guest

drinking alcohol after removal of the spleen

Answered by a doctor

I was wondering what kind of effects that alcohol has on your body if you have had your spleen removed. Can you still drink alcohol with out your spleen?

by User avatar Casey

Pressure in right side of abdomen

Answered by a doctor

For the past 3 weeks now, i've had this weird situation going on with my liver area. I'm not sure if it's my liver, my gallbladder or my intestines. When I sit at my computer or drive, I feel this weird pressure around my gallbladder area which extends to the center of my chest, right below my...

by User avatar bostonsteve95717

Stomach bloat after gall bladder surgery

Answered by a doctor

I had gall bladder surgery on January 30th 2007. My stomach is still bloated like I was 7 months pregnant. I feel very full after I eat. Some days I wake up already bloated and uncomfortable. Anyone else feel this way? Will the bloating go away eventually?

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Possible herbal cure for Hepatitis B

Answered by a doctor

hi guys, i ask if there s a herbal treatment to cure hepatitis B diseases?i need some help.I am just a carrier of HB.I went to specialist doctor,but he did not give me any advice or any moral support on this matter.I think he s a worse doctor...

by User avatar Sickguy36212

human embryo attachement to the liver after partial hysterectomy

Answered by a doctor

my daughter had a partial hysterectomy a long time ago. she found out the other day she has a human embryo attached to her liver. the doc said it was due to a tear in the cervix. have you ever heard of this and what is the likely hood of coming to term or even premature.? how can it feed? i can...

by User avatar tmroth47m

brick liver disease

I know that brick is a short form word of the disease. Supposidly, only 70 people in the US have this disease. What are the symptoms? and What is the prognoses

by User avatar adele

numbness after gall bladder surgery

Hello! I have had a gall bladder surgery 7 days ago. Three days ago I lef the hospital and everything was fine but now I am experiencing numbness at the surgery area. How common is this? They told me nothing about it at the hospital. Thank you for your time!

by User avatar Guest

marijuana smoking and liver damage?

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I`m 21 yo F and have a liver damage. I don`t smoke cigarettes, I don`t drink alcohol, but I smoke marijuana. I think that marijuana is the cause of my liver damage problem. I couldn`t tell my doc about that and wonder does anybody know something about that?

by User avatar Guest

constipation after gall bladder surgery

Answered by a doctor

i had gall bladder surgery about a month ago. prior to surgey, i had a very regular elimination pattern (you could almsot set your watch by my daily pattern). HOWEVER, i am now experiencing extreme constipation (almost daily) and am very uncomfortable (lower stomach ache, bloated gut, and...

by User avatar dmg566