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Why do I get mosquito bites only on left side of my body?

Why do I get mosquito bites only on left side of my body?

by User avatar Guest

how spider mites look like?

what do spider mites look like?

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assassin bug and chagas disease

I have been reading up all about Chagas disease and the assassin bug. I have heard that there are sprays around that are supposed to keep the bug away from you, like mosquito sprays, but I have also heard that these are not completely effective. Then how can a person keep away from the assassin bug?

by User avatar flynn1233203406

How to treat a bee sting to the face?

I have been stung by a bee few days ago. I think it was a bee. But the main problem it was that it stung me to my face. I was so surprise that I started to panic immediately. Because of that I went to doctor for help. Tell me how to treat a bee sting to the face?

by User avatar claudetta117355222

Can I eat a bee honey if I'm allergic to bee stings?

Hi, folks. I have been diagnosed with bee stings allergy. I was stung last year and I had mild allergic reaction. The thing that interests me is whether I can eat bee honey or not since I am allergic to bee stings. Can anyone tell me something more about this? I would appreciate it. Thanks.

by User avatar oswald142279252

If I'm allergic to wasp stings, am I allergic to bee stings also?

Hi, folks. Several years ago I was stung by wasp and I had some severe allergic reaction. Since I am allergic to wasp stings, I would like to know if I am allergic to bee stings also. I would appreciate if someone could answer my question. It will really help me.

by User avatar jerrold74583535

Bug bites - Morocco

The day before I left from a 9 day, bug-free trip to Morocco, I got bitten by what I assumed was a mosquito. But overnight more of these bites showed up. By 5 in the morning I was in the shower after a terribly itchy night. A week later I still have these really red bumps that vary from tiny...

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I have a lump on inner left thigh

lump on inner left thigh. It doesn't seem to want to go away no discolor just hurts to tough no boil. Have high cholesterol and high blood pressure Is this serious or will it go away on it's owne. Could it be a spider bite?

by User avatar theresawhiteside91716

stung by the bee and now my middle finger is itchy and swollen

Hi I got sting by the bed yesterday my middle finger n I took benadryl  but today it's been itching n now is swolen  what should I do?

by User avatar normie

Bug Bite I.D. Help!!

Woke up today with 10 bites, all on the inside of my thighs. They don't itch too bad but the amount is a bit alarming. They are red, raised, and have a tiny bit of white in the center. I looked all over Google and nothing seems to be consistent nor a match to my bites. I am in the process of...

by User avatar JoJoMarie359983