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post menopausal bleeding 5 weeks after cortisone injections

Answered by a doctor

After 12 yrs of menopause with no problems, I experienced bloating and some cramping and just wondered why I was feeling different! Then after a few days to a week of that, I started a period! It was light, and lasted the length of a normal period, although still having extremely light occasional...

by User avatar shanistone144276

wanting sex a lot during perimenapause

One of my work colleagues told me that she wanted sex a lot during perimenopause. She says that she had major problem with her husband about it. Their marriage was in big crises. Anyway, I am very close to perimenopause and I wonder if my sex life would change. What are other people’s...

by User avatar billingsley82

Male want to grow female breasts, will estraderm help

Answered by a doctor

hello i was just wondering if anyone can help. i am a 30 year old male wishing to develop feminine breasts and have decided to try estraderm, are there any other male users who have tried these and how did you get on?

by User avatar andy2010170188

peri-menopause burning hands feet arms

Answered by a doctor

I am 48 and my gyn says in peri- menopause. I have few problems that are bothering me lately (lack of sleep, nervousness etc), but what bothers me most is burning sensation in m hands, arms and feet. It is horrible, burning like, itchy and pins and needles sticking in them. This is happening one...

by User avatar Guest

hot flashes 10 years after hysterectomy

Answered by a doctor

I have a friend who complains she is hot and is flush. This comes on suddenly and no one else is hot. I think she is having hot flashes and she swears no because she had a hysterectomy and menopause 10 years ago. Can you still be having hot flashes 10 years later???? Since she controls the...

by User avatar dqm5452073

Anyone Else Getting Butt-ugly During Menopause?

Answered by a doctor

Hello. I'm 50 years old female and about three years ago I entered in my menopause period. Believe me- you don’t have to be a doctor to tell when you are entering this period because the numerous symptoms you start to suffer from. Some of these are low metabolism, instable blood sugar, water...

by User avatar Guest

Anyone suffering from menopause? Are you having vaginal dryness, discharge, swelling and itching?

Anyone suffering from menopause? Are you having vaginal dryness, discharge, swelling and itching? Its driving me insane. Im taking all natural menopause support pills but no sure if its really helping.

by User avatar Lulu


Answered by a doctor

About two months ago I came down with Strep throat and was given Azithroyicin (antibiotic) as treatment. Within a few days of taking this medication I experienced a mild bout of diarrhea (not uncommon). After the ten-day period on antibiotics, the diarrhea was still evident--though more erratic....

by User avatar Fairypan

anyone used estraderm patch?

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I am a woman that is 53 years old and I have entered the menopause. I am currently under the HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). I have started to use Estraderm patches to make up to the low hormone levels. I find it effective to this point, but I haven't used this estrogen patch too long, so if...

by User avatar Guest

menopause and foot pain

Answered by a doctor

I am 46 years old and have been in menopause since i was about 42. I have a lot of the classic symptoms, but i was wondering if foot pain is one of the symptoms too. My toes and the pads of my feet swell and hurt real bad. Even keeps me awake at night. Is there anyone else out there expewriencing...

by User avatar andydavidfan1