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help with male to female transition

hi all i am a 30 year old male wishing to become female i have decided to try estraderm for breast enlargement have any males tried these and how did you get on?

by User avatar andy2010170188

What do you think about gay people? Could I be gay??

Hi, I'm a 14 year old girl and I'm new here! So let me explain. I think I may have a crush on this other girl in school, she's so pretty, and I feel so happy around her. Is it wrong to be gay? I know there are a lot of mixed opinions on this subject. Could I be gay? I'm not sure if it's just my...

by User avatar Sophia

I was molested and I want to know what are the effects!?

Answered by a doctor

When I was 5 years old I was molested and want to know what are the consequences its been 6 years so I can report it anymore and I've never told anyone except for my best best friends my mom doesn't know that . I've heard some stuff that happens to a kid when they're molested I really need to know...

by User avatar abby_babby_001313476

What's wrong with being a redhead and Bisexual?

Recently I've slowly been telling people I'm Bisexual. Words gotten around and now everyone seems to think it's something worth making fun of and been treated different by people & began to talk sh!t about me to the whole school. Whats the problem with being a redheaded bisexual to many of the...

by User avatar redhead_abby327909

i might bisexual what do i do!!!??

okay i found out i was bi today and i need help!!! ! i am 13 years old (tomorrow but whatever) what do i do? what about my future? kids? i thought it was a sin! i don't want god to hate me! how to break it to my family and friends? you know with out them giving me the "i am never talking to you...

by User avatar No name12217000

Do you think we are born with sexual orientation

Answered by a doctor

Do you think we are born with are sexual orientation I know I was I'm a lesbian I think we don't choose who we fall in love with, I can never find guys sexually attractive or can not even kiss a guy at all I've known at the age of 14yrs old I'm now going on 28.

by User avatar KpopperLuv314689

16 years old gay want to become straight again

Answered by a doctor

Im 16 and I would do anything to be straight again.(i didn't really become gay till about 14 and was attracted to girls before that). I really want a wife and family and blah blah blah same thing everyone else says. The only thing that scares me is that people will try this without really being...

by User avatar Guest

Do you ever get over sexual abuse?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I am curious to hear anyone about sexual abuse. I am sorry to ask you about this. But I want to know. Does the victim ever recover from this?

by User avatar Guest

to all the young girls having sex

Hey I just wanta say that to all u younger girls. That are like 12 13 14 etc.. that are having sex with guys u barely even no u really need to be careful or just stop because last year wen I was 16 I got raped by this Guy and my supposedly "best friend" set me up to get raped bcuz she was really...

by User avatar lillady22246706

i lost my virginity at fourteen, i hate myself and im very depressed and confused

Answered by a doctor

I lost my vvirginity at fourteen. I was inexperienced with boys. I hadnt kissed one 'properly' and I was curious. So when I got drunk with friends for the first time and I ended up in a bed with a boy that I've had an on and off relationship with since the start of high school one thing led to...

by User avatar bellasarahh226870