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Do you ever get over sexual abuse?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I am curious to hear anyone about sexual abuse. I am sorry to ask you about this. But I want to know. Does the victim ever recover from this?

by User avatar Guest

Do all gay people like stereotypical gay things?

Do all gay people like sterotypical gay things?

by User avatar Ashton Houtz

male 16 attracted to young boys. is that ok if they like it too?

male16 attracted to young boys is it ok if they like it too

by User avatar Guest

Is this rape? I was screaming and telling him to stop and he wouldn’t and he finally penetrated

Is this rape??? I’m 16 and my boyfriend is 17 and last week we had sex and I didn’t want to but he really wanted too. He kept kissing me and touching me and fingering me. I was ok with the fingering part but I didn’t want to have full on sex. He started to take my clothes off and I kept...

by User avatar Guest

help with male to female transition

hi all i am a 30 year old male wishing to become female i have decided to try estraderm for breast enlargement have any males tried these and how did you get on?

by User avatar andy2010170188

I really hate my life and want to end it, but I'm afraid to

Hi, I'm a fifteen year old girl with suicidal thoughts. I'm hoping at least one person will actually read this, and help me on my situation. This will probably get really long so please, bear with me! I know its selfish of me to want to end my life because there are so many other people around...

by User avatar Guest

I’m scared if I come out, that it would be really hard to find a boyfriend. Also, I want children

I am confused. I have known I like boys for a while now, but I keep on doubting myself. I am always saying to myself I have to get a girlfriend, because I want children, i want to make my family happy and also want to have a proper wedding. I also think to myself, I’m scared. I’m scared of...

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Life isn't fair sometimes... Have you ever felt like life is more then you can handle?

Have you ever felt like life is more then you can handle? I have and so far no one has stopped to help... Life hurts... And I wish it didn't... But life isn't fair sometimes... It feels like a endless wormhole just floating through space alone, scared, sad, and in pain...

by User avatar hurt catacomb

am I straight or? i kissed a lot of girls but never got into a relationship with one

Answered by a doctor

when I was younger like really young I had relations with girls ( I am a girl as well) kissing touching cuddling and such I thought girls just liked eachother & that was normal I guess I was so young I thought I was pregnant by a girl because I didn't know how it worked lmfao I really don't feel...

by User avatar jaek47

14 and pregnant. I think that my boyfriend raped me while we both were drunk

Answered by a doctor

I'm 14 and pregnant. My boyfriend is 18 i kinda think he raped me but I'm not sure we were both drunk at the time. It was my first time and i dont remember anything except for going up to his room and laying on the bed. The next thing i know it's morning and I'm naked next to him in his bed. I found...

by User avatar Krissy