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Hi guys.

I know that denta stix for dogs are not very good choice. I was trying to explain this to my good friend Josh but he refuses to hear it. He is feeding his dog with Pedigree denta stix for a couple of months. He is feeding him every week.

He is satisfied and he wouldn’t change it for any other treat.

I told him to look up for some good answers here on forum but he just doesn’t want to hear.

I want to know one thing – how many calories does Pedigree denta stix contain?

I think that it contains a lot, but I am not sure.


Good day everyone.


The answer is – a lot! This snack is favorite to all dogs and to a lot pet owners. But I found that there are 267 cal per 100 g or 44 cal per one piece of the Pedigree denta stix. Now when you see the portion and when you see how big that threat is, you need to ask your self is this something that you should give to your dog.

The calorie intake in this case is very big but the worst thing is that this treat is not quality at all. It has ingredients that I would never give to my dogs.

Have a nice day!



Hi people.

Wow, well this is a lot of calories. I was one of those owners who was thinking that Pedigree denta stix is the best treat that I can give my dog. Now, I see that I am wrong.

I mean, I was not feeding him those treats very often, but occasionally. But now when I see how many calories contain this small package I am worried.

I really don’t want my dog to be overweight.

So thank you so much about this information :)

I think that I am going to start to search some other treat for my pet :)



Hello. I think that you made a mistake. I am not giving denta stix treats to my dog but they don’t contain a lot of calories. They don’t contain a lot of calories at all. Actually, they are very low in calories. The calorie intake matches the type of dog that you feed it to. Including small breeds and large breeds. For example, package for large dog breeds contain only 70 calories. Package for small breeds contain only 45 calories. Other owners saying that you need to give just one treat per day for your dog and that everything is going to be fine. The ingredients are the main reason why I am not giving those treats to my dog. I made treats alone. 



Hey there guys.

I hope you are doing fine :)

I have to agree with Dog Whisperer. Pedigree denta stix does not contain a lot of calories. I believe that this threat has less calories than any other treat that you can find on the market.

But that doesn’t mean that this treat is healthy. I got it a few months ago and I was thinking should I give it to my Boo or not.

But when I read all those ingredients in it, I give up from giving it to my Boo.

But the truth is that pedigree denta stix has minimum calories :)