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can my boyfriend give me a vaginosis bacterial infection?

Answered by a doctor

For the last year i have been geting bacterial vaginosis. I get it every other month. I go to the doctors and get treated and it goes away for a few weeks and then comes back but i noticed that everytime i get it again its right after i have sex with myboyfriend without using a condom. when all this...

by User avatar Guest

Weight Loss after a Hysterectomy?

Answered by a doctor

Can I expect weight loss after my hysterectomy?

by User avatar queenbee

the smell the smell!

Hey everybody! I have a question regarding a change in vaginal smell. Ever since I took the morning after pill a little while ago, (about three months ago) I have noticed a change in the smell of my vaginal discharge and, I tell ya, I cannot stand it. It is a very strong smell - in a way it smells...

by User avatar bunky30673

Unpleasant Vaginal odor, could it be my IUD?

Answered by a doctor

Hey, This is embarrassing but I have developed an unpleasant smell and the only reason I can think of could be because of Mirinia IUD. I had it placed 7 months ago. The problem has been going on for two month so far. Anyone else experianced this with the IUD.

by User avatar Guest

Foul discharge odor 2-3 days after sexual intercourse, but not a std (doctor confirmed)

i've been noticing since my menstrual cycle has ended this month that i've been having a foul odor to my discharge 2 to 3 days after sexual intercouse. the discharge goes from clear to a yellowish color. we do not use protection, but the foul odor has NEVER happened until a...

by User avatar SparkleLady26

novasure ablation continuous yellow discharge

Answered by a doctor

I had a novasure endometrial ablation in feb 08. the doc told me 1) I had dysfunction ovaries, but have had three subsequent opinions and told this is an inconsistent finding. 2) He also said he removed much endometriosis and I have never had any problems with this. Was not a finding on previous...

by User avatar shanzboyz

Woke up with wet panties?

Answered by a doctor

So, this morning I woke up my butt felt wet and cold, and I discovered that my panties were soaked through. Now, my first thought was "OH MY GOD, DID I WET MYSELF LAST NIGHT?" D: But then I realized that my sheets weren't wet, and my clothes didn't smell like urine. In fact, there was...

by User avatar Guest

constant mild vaginal burning, no yeast infection and no bacterial vaginosis

Answered by a doctor

Ive been feeling a mild burning sensation in my vagina and vulva area and i have no idea what it is. It burns when i urinate. I went to 2 different docs and they tested me for yeast and fro bacterial infections and everything came back normal. This just started out of nowhere. I don;t have any...

by User avatar Guest

Can I lose my virginity if my boyfriend fingered me several times but using only one finger?

Can I ask if my boyfriend finger me several times can lost my hymen without bleeding by only one finger?

by User avatar Angeline

Monistat 1 burning

Answered by a doctor

Almost two months ago I used Monistat 1 to get rid of a yeast infection. Ever since then I have had extreme burning in my vulvar area- and there seems to be a bit of irritation there. I have been tested for infections twice since then- both have come back negative- but was prescribed difflucan just...

by User avatar blinkchic38