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Sever Cramping and Bloating after Novasure Ablation

Answered by a doctor

I had the Novasure Ablation Done on 8/26 I have severe bloating and cramping. I only had bleeding right after the surgery then light spotting for about 12 days. I have put on 7 pounds of weight since the surgery even with excerising and working out. My stomach & weight will not go down. Even...

by User avatar Guest

the top edge of my clitoris faded to white and it isn't the vaginal discharge.

I haven't had sex or masturbated since 3 months , I now notice the top edge of my clitoris faded to white at firtf I thought it may be a vaginal discharge n I tried washing it but it remain same also I noticed some white boils on the end of vagina.

by User avatar Zina khan

itchy rash after vacation

Answered by a doctor

My friend and I recently returned from a vacation in South Beach, Miami and erupted in an itchy rash primarily on our arms and shoulders. It was also present, yet not as severe, on our legs, knees, and feet. After going to the doctor, we were both prescribed pretnasone. After reading about the...

by User avatar nikaya81175

13 years old Brown Gooey Discharge, did my period start? I'm freaking out!

Answered by a doctor

I'm confused. I'm been scouring the internet trying to find out what's going on. I'm a girl. I'm thirteen years old and have been since my birthday in April. But, even before then, I've had white sticky discharge in my underwear. But, then, now, in July, for the past 4 days (including today), I've...

by User avatar Lena

vaginal itching the week before my period

Answered by a doctor

I have three kids and am now on birth control. The week before my period I always itch and burn real bad. I don't know if it's my birth control or what. Can you help???

by User avatar JenB

creamy white vaginal secretion during sex

Answered by a doctor

My bf noticed that each time we have sex i secrete a thick creamy white almost sticky fluid which dries up and becomes flaky. it doesnt have any odour. i asked around and most of my girl frens only experience this nearer to ovulation, but for me it happens every time we have sex, which is almost...

by User avatar sh3r27764

Bacterial Vaginosis. WHY do I get BV whenever he ejaculates inside me?

Answered by a doctor

HELP!! let me start by saying I am SO confused and really need an answer on this topic... I am 22 years old and have had bacterial vaginosis once in my past, with NO symptoms whatsoever. NOW this is where the problem is:I started dating my (now ex) boyfriend in September. For the first month, we...

by User avatar help

Is it normal for my vaginia to hurt after being fingered several times ?

Answered by a doctor

well i've been fingered by my Bf like 4 times nd everytime the pain is the samee it burns when i pee nd even when i sit down sometimess ?! plus when i wipe it hurtss, nd sometimess there's red stuff on the tissue , nd when i pee it feels like a cut is down there nd hurts really badd! what should i...

by User avatar dee420

Single bump that has appeared on vagina in the same spot What could it be?

Answered by a doctor

so I am having a problem with a single bump . I would like to start by saying yes I shave but have not shaved in about 2-3 days, and I had this same problem in the exact same spot previously, about 6 months ago and a similar problem in the same region. This however is the first time I ever attempted...

by User avatar annoyed1981112822

Candida Glabrata/ burning vag and mouth after antibotics

Answered by a doctor

  Hello, I am at a loss, scared and depressed .... I was recently diagnosed with candida glabrata after a round of antibotics for a sinus infection ( too strong of dose in my opinon) I had the same thing happen 10 years ago after Cipro you would think I would have learned..  But anyway here I am...

by User avatar Jacqles301151