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urinating with tampons

Answered by a doctor

hi, I am a 26 years old nonvirgin girl. I have a strange problem....i have recenty started using tampons and am not sure if i am using it the right way as every time i urinate the tampons gets wet and i have to change it. also i have read that there are two openings in vagina( urethra and Vagina)...

by User avatar i_m_preeti

I have brown stuff in my underwear, i havent got my period, What is it?

Answered by a doctor

i got it and i was really freaked, and i dont wanna tell my mum....... WHAT IS IS IT? its brown....... please help...!!!!!!!! :-(

by User avatar wateva

white spots/bumps on labia minora

a couple of days ago i found a bunch of white spots/bumps that had been formed around my labia minora, though i’m not entirely sure as to how long they have been there. my initial thought was that it could’ve been herpes, though i’ve only ever been with one partner before and he...

by User avatar Guest

Monistat 1 burning

Answered by a doctor

Almost two months ago I used Monistat 1 to get rid of a yeast infection. Ever since then I have had extreme burning in my vulvar area- and there seems to be a bit of irritation there. I have been tested for infections twice since then- both have come back negative- but was prescribed difflucan just...

by User avatar blinkchic38

pink discharge after monistat treatment

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I have used monistat 1 for my vaginal yeast infection, and I have experienced some pink discharge yesterday. How common is this? Is it something I should worry about? Thx

by User avatar Guest

chunky discharge 1 1/2 weeks following LEEP procedure

Answered by a doctor

I had a LEEP procedure done for the 2nd time a week and a half ago. The first time was fast, painless and uneventful. This time it hurt, took longer and I had very bad pain in my bottom that whole day and night. I couldn't even sit down (I had to lay on my side) The next day I felt fine but have...

by User avatar NDS

white thick clumpy stuff out of my vulva after intercourse or when I finger myself

Answered by a doctor

im 16 im sexually active for the first time if i orgasm with the vibrator or use my fingers white really gunky stuff comes out sticking to my fingers or on the vibrator, when i have sex this happens too its weird an scarring the crap out of me what is it? My boyfriend does stuff to me to so if he...

by User avatar careesd

How to get rid of a fishy odor in vagina after a hysterectomy?

For the woman that has had a hysterectomy have you exsperince a fishy smell in your vagina and if you have what have you done about the problem have you used this eve stuff and did it take away odor

by User avatar ReeTee

Strong vaginal odor

Answered by a doctor

Several week ago, I came down with a strong vaginal odor. It's not fishy like you would find with a bacterial infection, and I have been to the doctor and cultured several times now, which have come back negative. I don't have the usual yeast infection symptoms of itching, disharge, etc. either....

by User avatar Daisy4U

vaginal discharge - thick white, not a yeast infection - aff

Answered by a doctor

I'm 22 years old and have been with the same partner for almost 2 years now. For about 8 months I have been noticing a thick white discharge on my underware and during sex. It has very little to no odor, and doesn't have a pattern of when it is thick and when there is less. It isn't any sort of...

by User avatar michellelauren40264