I'm 54 years old. Had not had a period in 2 years. Then started a massive period. So went to Obgyn.  Had  Altra sound, my uterus lining was 12mm. To rule out cancer needed a Endometrial biopsy. I thought nothing of it. Must be like a pap smear, right?  Now keep in mind I have a very high tolerance of pain. Broken ribs, broken ankle, 6000 pound trailer fell on my foot and more. Sure all that hurts but nothing I can't handle. Then the biopsy. The WORST PAIN I have ever experienced in my life. Felt like my insides were being gouged out with a knife. I started off cursing and at the end was crying & screaming for Jesus. I asked OMG what was that?  I was told for some women this is very painful and others not much painful at all. They said those that have had children usually do better on the pain level because of dialation..etc. she said the biopsy can be more painful then birthing of children but only for a couple minutes. Before this biopsy doc said this may feel a little crampy. Not !! I thought I'm going to pass out from this pain. I should have known something was up when kept looking for different tools when the normal ones were not going to work. I don't wish this pain on my worst enemy. Again, all women are different and this biopsy may not be that bad for some women. But for others it is horrible & not because we can't handle pain. After leaving or say escaping the barbaric torture. I was still in some pain for about 4 hours in my uterus, back & neck. Ibeprophren & heating pad worked for me. I understand this had to be done to check for cancer..etc. but wish I had known how painful it might be or some kind of pain medications prior to this procedure. Good luck. My spelling & grammar not all that great. My apologies. But really needed to let others know and able to vent.