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Can swimming increase height?

can swimming increase height? and how long would it take?? i am 16 and just 5'3....... i want to increase my height.... Please help

by User avatar Guest

Could road biking cause constipation?

Answered by a doctor

Is it possible that constipation that has been troubling me for over a month now has anything to do with road biking Im practicing almost every day? This is so unpleasant and I feel as if I had rocks in my stomach. I tried several medications but they didnt help. Does anyone have the same issue? Can...

by User avatar reece

Can i swim after an hernia operation?

Answered by a doctor

I had an operation. Nothing serious, just a small hernia. My doctor told me to stay in bed and to avoid any physical activity. It is hard for me not to do anything. I am thinking of going to the pool. After all how hard can swimming get? What do you think about swimming After Hernia Operation?

by User avatar vernor

Did anyone ever experience Tingling Cheeks while swimming?

Answered by a doctor

This probably sounds like a weird one to post, but I'm going to put it out there anyway. This am when I swam, I experienced a tingling feeling in my cheeks that I hadn't felt before. It felt similiar to when you are outside in the cold air in the winter time and your face gets a numb sensation...

by User avatar Noley

Why cyclists shave their legs?

There is something I find very interesting about cyclists. Namely, I have always been wondering why they shave their legs. I must say I like when I see a guy who takes care about his body and those shaven legs do look quite attractive to me. But I doubt they do it in order to be more appealing and...

by User avatar jelene

Chest pain when running?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, sometimes when I run the left side of my chest hurts. It usually goes away after awhile, but it is cause for concern. Considering that I can run as hard as I want for as long as I want I'm not worrying about anything life or career-threatening, I was just wondering. Also if it helps I am an...

by User avatar bob22134080

Who else likes running? what benefits running has?

Answered by a doctor

I love to run!! Who else likes to run? It's very healthy for your body and very fun. Does anyone know what benefits running has?  I'd love to know!

by User avatar TheWolverine359408

Does Jogging and Running Loose Fat On My Chubby Face ?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, i've got a problem of having a chubby face, can jogging casue to loose any fat on my face ???? i eat alot of cereals and i still get a chubby face :-( can someone help me please

by User avatar Guest

How close to your job would you have to be to consider commuting by bike?

would you have to be before you considered bike commuting on a regular basis? Canadians, please list the distance in cubits or fathoms (your choice).

by User avatar purple hayes

Bicycling after inguinal hernia repair

Anyone who is a serious bicycle rider have Desarda Inguinal hernia repair? How long after surgery were you able to ride?

by User avatar Guest