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Fitness & Weight Lifting

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Whether you are into freestyle or pre-choreographed aerobics, bodybuilding, weightlifting, or powerlifting, discuss your goals, worries, techniques or add some positivism and experience to the subject.

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What exercise can I do during pregnancy?

by leonie40532

Drinking raw eggs after/before exercising

Answered by a doctor

by Soul Walker35795

12 year old with man boobs

Answered by a doctor

by illy115847

Turbo Jam experiences

by Guest

Any best android apps for fitness?

by Placi350561


by Guest

Should a 13 year old lift weights?

Answered by a doctor

by JoeChou167663

Gaining muscle mass

Answered by a doctor

by Redhead45

Yoga can be a spiritual practice, or just a form of purely physical exercise. Pilates is a physical fitness system that teaches awareness of breath and alignment of the spine and strengthens the muscles. Tai Chi is a set of movements that improve and maintain health, create a sense of relaxation and keep qi flowing. Martial arts also have a deep sense of spirituality. Whichever method you have chosen, you can talk about it in this forum.

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Is yoga good for overcoming stress?

Answered by a doctor

by andrus

What is purpose of yoga exercises?

Answered by a doctor

by Guest

Benefits of yoga

Answered by a doctor

by jamie38155478

Practise Yoga

Answered by a doctor

by Guest

side effects of kundalini

by claire1150161323

What impact does Aikido have on running?

Answered by a doctor

by elkid

Recommendations for a yoga DVD?

by purple hayes

Running, Swimming & Cycling

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Whether you are a triathlon competitor, going pro in swimming, cycling or running or just using some of these activities to gain physical strength and improve your health, this discussion board is the right place to learn and share.

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Servere stomach cramps

by forest grump72251

Could road biking cause constipation?

Answered by a doctor

by reece

anaerobic threshold question

by roderich

What outdoor exercise is good for upper body?

by ernesto14155588

Can i swim after an hernia operation?

Answered by a doctor

by vernor

trail running

Answered by a doctor

by panchito45071

Effect of physical activity

by atq1972231401

Anyone dream about Tour De France?

by rudolph

Other Recreational Activities

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Join this board to discuss non-team activities like skiing, diving, hiking, canoeing, climbing, fishing or whatever you do for fun or exercise.

effects of jumping / skipping exercise

by bhuvana177321731

Activities During Stroke Recovery

Answered by a doctor

by Guest

Constant shin splints

by jackie15406211200

Is karate good for children?

Answered by a doctor

by Guest

side effects of lucozade

by monah183218192

Everyday-Random Dry-Heaving with no other symptoms!? What's going on?

Answered by a doctor

by enisei15907

What other sports do you do?

by TriBob

what are the side effects of leaving the gym?


Fitness & Exercise Videos

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Ask questions about video exercises published on our YouTube channel, and get answers from the SteadyHealth community and our fitness experts. Ask anything about home workouts, finding the right personalized training routine, burning calories, weight loss or muscle gain, healthy nutrition, and much more – we will find the answer for you!

Breast reduction exercises

by Guest

how to lose love handles!?

by cheyenne

How to increase height, i am 19 years old

by Nihar Ranjan Parida353976

I want to lose fat from tummy,thigh,butt ,arm & breast but i hv lower back problem

Answered by a doctor

by design1484310439

Thigh gap problem :(

by little

I am going to improve my body fitness

by loganbg310277