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Fitness & Weight Lifting

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Whether you are into freestyle or pre-choreographed aerobics, bodybuilding, weightlifting, or powerlifting, discuss your goals, worries, techniques or add some positivism and experience to the subject.

Yoga can be a spiritual practice, or just a form of purely physical exercise. Pilates is a physical fitness system that teaches awareness of breath and alignment of the spine and strengthens the muscles. Tai Chi is a set of movements that improve and maintain health, create a sense of relaxation and keep qi flowing. Martial arts also have a deep sense of spirituality. Whichever method you have chosen, you can talk about it in this forum.

side effects of kundalini

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Is yoga good for overcoming stress?

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What impact does Aikido have on running?

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Recommendations for a yoga DVD?

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Bikram Yoga is intense!

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Running, Swimming & Cycling

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Whether you are a triathlon competitor, going pro in swimming, cycling or running or just using some of these activities to gain physical strength and improve your health, this discussion board is the right place to learn and share.

Could road biking cause constipation?

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Can i swim after an hernia operation?

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Did anyone ever experience Tingling Cheeks while swimming?

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Why cyclists shave their legs?

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Chest pain when running?

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Can swimming increase height?

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Who else likes running? what benefits running has?

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Does Jogging and Running Loose Fat On My Chubby Face ?

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Other Recreational Activities

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Join this board to discuss non-team activities like skiing, diving, hiking, canoeing, climbing, fishing or whatever you do for fun or exercise.

Everyday-Random Dry-Heaving with no other symptoms!? What's going on?

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What other sports do you do?

by TriBob

Is karate good for children?

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what are the side effects of leaving the gym?


Any suggestions for a Boxing Workout program?

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pros and cons of a personal trainer

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Exercises for pregnant women?

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Non running sports that work long and lean quads?

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Fitness & Exercise Videos

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Ask questions about video exercises published on our YouTube channel, and get answers from the SteadyHealth community and our fitness experts. Ask anything about home workouts, finding the right personalized training routine, burning calories, weight loss or muscle gain, healthy nutrition, and much more – we will find the answer for you!

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