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Do small testicles affect fertility in men?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I'm 29 years old and I have just got married. My wife and I like most couples plan to have children, but I'm kind of insecure in myself. We have been trying to get a baby for 2 months now but she didn’t get pregnant. We are considering some options why this hasn’t happened so far but I'm...

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Clumpy sperm

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I am a very healthy 24 year men. I have a girlfriend for over than two years and we are having sex very regularly. Two days ago she has noticed that I have some clumps in my semen. I insured her that she wasn’t right and she probably imagined this. A day after, while I was showering I have...

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Bruised Testicles

I suffered a blow to the testicles about 4 days ago and the first 2 days they were swollen and black and blue with a fair ammount of pain, now the swelling has gone down but still a little black and blue and when I stand up I really feel the pain in my scrotum. What should I do ?

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can we conceive with taking medicine called zydafil (tadalafil) as i'm having erectile dysfunction

Answered by a doctor

Hi can we conceive with taking medicine calked zydafil (tedanafil) as im having ED urologist presceibed me to use this drug....   Contact me 

by User avatar Cumboy123361343

how to get my sperm fly out fast,cum too far?

I am 29 years old male and i have no problem with erection and sex drive. But at the end of sex or masturbating my sperm is not travelling too far. I have seen on movie that men`s cum fly out at least 60 cm away from their dick.My sperm drops or travels only 4-5cm away from my dick.. I have enough...

by User avatar hotrider_E

What will happen if i remove sperm daily?

Answered by a doctor

What would happen if removed from the sperm in the penis every day?

by User avatar CJD

White heads or pimples on my outer testicles

Answered by a doctor

hello this has been kinda of a long time thing. it doesnt hurt or anything but its just destracting.. what do think it is or what do i do... description white theres small ones and there are many and one big one

by User avatar carnage154985

I'm 15 and i still can't produce sperm.why is this?

Answered by a doctor

I'm 15,I've hit puberty and my penis is 7 inches and i have hair around it and everything, its just that when i ejaculate i just pee.i don't produce there something wrong with me or am i just doing something wrong or does it just take more time?I've heard that the (pee) that i'm refering 2...

by User avatar confused101

bleeding from tiny surface prick on scrotum won't stop

Answered by a doctor

there's a small small bump about the size of a small case o on my scrotum. i pinched the very thin layer of skin above it and it started bleeding... dark red, thick blood. but the bleeding didn't stop or slow down until a bit less than 20 minutes later. 2 wads of tissue were soaked, and my underwear...

by User avatar jerry21

Testicle pain during puberty.

Answered by a doctor

Heres the problem. About a 2 months ago I had a pretty bad pain my right testicle, but it only lasted for a TINY amount of time and sometimes if I touched it. I actually felt a tiny (pinhead) lump in my right testicle and got it looked at by a GP a month later - He said it was probably a cyst, but...

by User avatar EOF