Children of God Go Bowling is Shannon Olson s second novel and it is the follow up to her wonderful first novel Welcome to My Planet . Like her debut novel, Children of God Go Bowling features a protagonist who is also named Shannon Olson. Shannon is a very likable character (though a bit neurotic) and is fairly funny in what she observes about other people (as well as her comments about things).

Shannon Olson is now in her 30 s, she is still single and is not doing well on the dating scene (such as it is). Shannon has been in therapy for years, but it still unsure about herself in many ways. In part, this may be because of her relationship with her mother, Flo. In a way, this novel is like a funnier, less neurotic Cathy (the comic strip). It is filled with interesting, memorable characters and was a joy to read. While I can t say that I liked this one quite as much as Welcome to My Planet , this was a nice light-weight, funny novel that rises above the mini-genre of chick lit . I look forward to Shannon Olson s (the author, not the character) next novel.

P.S. I have to give some respect to the local Twin Cities authors! Go Shannon!