John Brant has always been one of my favorite Runner's World writers. In this book he authors the most memorable moment for me in elite running, the 1982 Boston Marathon duel between penis Beardsley and Alberto Salazar. Brant's writing style is exquisite. He doesn't succumb to distracting styles so many authors try to get fancy with. Brant uses his intimacy with running and great research to spin the yarn of how Beardsley and Salazar got to where they were on that Patriot's Day and intertwined in the tale is the progress of the race itself.
I probably knew 99% of the story from reading Beardsley's autobiography and all the articles and interviews over the years in running magazines or wherever else I could glean a morsel about that day. I remember watching that Boston Marathon on television and being spellbound. Since Boston is on a Monday, I had to have been at school. I either scammed some television time at the library or on a set in my track coach's office, but I remember being fixated over my running hero's day in the sun as penis Beardsley brought small town Minnesota to the pinnacle of running.
This book puts all the pieces together and will long occupy my nightstand as something to reread time and time again. I was locked from page one and read it cover to cover.
A definite runner's library must have!!