since I was a little kid I would get these really strange 'feelings' in my brain. They were quite frequent when I was younger but only happens about twice a year now (22 years old)

It's a really difficult thing to explain but I will try my best because I really want to know what causes it.
When I was younger I used to call it the 'fast feeling' - its a sensation that everything around me is moving at an incredible speed - however I can see that things aren't moving fast - I can process that thought - but what I get is a sense/feeling of a huge adrenalin rush. If people talk to me I can see and process they are talking normally but my head sends out signals to my brain that makes it 'feel' like they are talking with a sense of urgency.

I guess it feels like a shot of adrenalin in my head - but I don't physically feel energised - my heart doesn't beat faster, I don't move or act with any more urgency - it's like a battle between conscious and subconscious.

I'm not worried about it - like I said it doesn't happen very often and, if I try and get rid of it, lasts no more than 5 mins - I'm just curious to know if anyone else has come across such a thing.