My blood draws show undetectable. 20 copies per ml being the max they can measure.

In my understanding under European prevention protocols, undetectabal VL is considered unlikely to transmit the virus. Yes there is always a % of risk, I undersyand this. US and EU prevention protocols are in opposite corners.

Rubbers only post the pregnancy risk reduction of 90 percent, never posting the 70 percent HIV risk reduction. As the pores in a latex condom are larger than the virus, a rubber is only a maze to the virus.

Here is the main problem, due to the antivirals I have been on over the years I have developed Peripheral Neuropathy, hands 50% feet 75% as well as diminished sensory verve responce in my penis. Do to the nerv issues Rubbers are not a functionally possible tool, in our m2m sex life.

I am in a sero discordant relationship, My partner has begun prophylactic  use of Truvada as an additional preventive measure.