I’m 14 years old the last one that haven’t started my period out of my friends, the other day I went to bed with a bad belly it might of been cramps but I’ve never had them before so idk, today I gulped down my tea and I felt very bloated after it and didnt  think nothing of it because I drank it all at once like in the middle of last year I’ve been getting discharge but it isn’t Brownish?  it’s a normal colour. I went to the toilet today and I wiped and it was blood on the tissue but it was a bright colour so I got worried not only because of the colour but because I think I just started so I was worrying and I was led in bed and I thought I’d put a pad on for tonight just in case, and I just checked and nothing on the pad it’s clear I wiped and nothing is on the tissue. I’m a virgin I haven’t done anything sexually active at all!! Does someone have a idea what’s wrong?