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Growing a beard is tough stuff. It takes dedication and patience. But here are a few tips to help you along.

Beards are incredibly popular. They’ve come out swinging as one of the male accessories of the past few years. It’s strange to think that at some point in recent times having a beard wasn’t thought about, especially for younger generations. Some people thought it was a mess, others thought it wasn’t appropriate but during the 90’s it was hard to envisage anyone below 40 years old carrying a full face of hair. Yet now it’s a look you see more often than not on our high streets. And it’s quite tough to figure where this has come about from. But if you can grow one, you will have one. It’s the ultimate male fashion accessory.

Growing a beard is one part of the battle, but once you’ve done this you’re only halfway there. Even when you can grow a beard, actually making sure it is properly maintained and looking sharp is a task that many cannot complete. I suppose that’s totally fair. But what do I mean when I talk about a beard being “properly maintained”? Well, looking good, feeling healthy and kept in shape. That’s what I mean by “properly maintained” - and it’s just as important as having facial hair in the first place. Nobody wants the smartest shirt if you have a rip under the arm, just like you shouldn’t sport a full face of hair if it looks disgusting and unhygienic. It’s simple math.

Having a well-managed beard is a badge of honor. I’ve seen people around town who haven’t looked great because the way they keep their facial hair intact is woeful. The element that is unhygienic is clear - your beard is right near your face and your mouth and the number of bacteria coming our way during the day isn’t worth thinking about, but the fact you have something attached to your face that could attract - and keep! - bacteria near your fact, your mouth and being breathed in should always be a cause for concern.

Washing your beard, trimming it well and keeping a firm eye on it is always a good idea.

Maintaining an awesome beard should really be a matter of principle. While people shouldn’t tell others how to act and how to look, letting an unwieldy beard grow on you should be one of the last things you want to do. In your job, your personal life and your relationships you will find people taking note of how you look. It’s not a nice fact of life but it is a fact of life. You would keep yourself tidy in how you dress and the hair on your head so you should take the same time to do this with your beard. It makes a bunch of sense.

I’m going to try and give you some helpful hints and tips to keep your beard looking tip top and nicely in shape. These aren’t the hardest things in the world to do but they will keep you in great stead with your newly sharp beard in tow. 

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