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Hey – I just wondered if someone could give me some information on taking metformin with type 1 diabetes? I’m currently using lantus and everything seems fine with my bloods and I’ve got good control, but one of my friends is also type 1 and just started using metformin as well as her insulin. I’m just a bit confused cos I thought that was for type 2’s and wondered why she was taking it? Also, if she’s taking it, should I be? Or is it just specific people. If it means I’ve got less chance of getting other problems with my diabetes I’d take it, it’s just that no-one’s ever mentioned it me. Thanks!


Okay – in answer to your question you’re completely right at metformin is normally used in type 2 diabetes. The reason for that is because it simply won’t work to ‘treat’ diabetes in people with type 1. Metformin only works in the presence of insulin and as type 1 diabetics don’t produce insulin it wouldn’t be effective.

However, as people with type 1 diabetes inject insulin there have been some studies done to look at how people on insulins react when they take metformin as well, and the results have been quite good, but there isn’t enough evidence as of yet to actually get it a licence to be used in type 1. The people who respond best to both drugs are generally older, overweight people and it seems to help them manage their weight better and have better control and sometimes a reduced amount of insulin to control their blood sugar.

You haven’t given your age or your friends, and you haven’t said whether or not either one or both of you are overweight, but I hope that helps you out. If you think you would fit into the group of people that have tried metformin you could always speak with your doc.