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Playing with your children makes life-long memories, creates traditions, and it could help you burn a few extra calories at the end of the day. This is the story of Monster Hide in my household and how this calorie burning game stemmed from my childhood.

At the end of a long day at work, homework with the kids, cooking dinner, and preparing the family for the next day, the last thing on your mind is burning calories. Tired sets in, but if you set aside 10 to 15 minutes of active play with your children inside your house, you can actually kill two birds with one stone. You get to burn off dinner and you create the most memorable interactions with your kiddos.

The Pre-Historic Roots of Monster Hide With My Family

“It was a good way to get me ready for bed, y’all ready for bed, and end the night in a good way.”

~Wesley Gooden, aka Dad

Turn the clock back to the mid-80s when I was a child – that’s the pre-historic part!

My dad would come home from work tired. He worked all day. I can still see him covered in dirt, concrete dust, and sweat standing on our back porch. Come to think of it, he kind of looked like a monster.

Some nights, before bedtime, my dad would start chasing my younger brother, Thomas, and me around the house. Dad would grumble, growl, and hide behind furniture and in pantries. He would spring out and capture us.

Both of us were trapped in his strong arms, Thomas under his right, and me under his left. He would haul us to my parent’s bed, drop us, and tickle us. Laughter would commence and go on until we couldn’t breathe.

I asked my brother to reminisce with me about why we loved this game so much. Thomas said:

“it was the bond and knowing that Dad could still play, joke, and have fun like a kid, not just be a disciplinarian. The best part is that it carried over to the way I am with my boys and nephews. I love knowing that all of us can joke around together.”

Every now and then we’d hunt our mom down, and we’d all conspire to dog pile her. Memories!

How Being Chased Became “Monster Hide”

Though horseplay may seem like a “dad job,” it really isn’t. My husband isn’t the only human jungle gym in our home. Mommy is pretty tough too.

Now that I have children, I get on the floor and roughhouse with our boys just like my dad did with us. My brother does the same in his household. It’s become a tradition. However, my children call somehow started calling the game Monster Hide!

Through a Mother’s Day interview called “All About My Mom” that my kids participated in at school, as my gift, I found out how much Monster Hide really matters to my children.

Question #6: What does your mom do best?

Answer from both children: Plays Monster Hide

Keep in mind that my children go to different schools and have different teachers. The answer wasn’t, “She’s a good teacher” or “She works out.” It was, “She plays Monster Hide.” It was eye-opening for me.

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