So I'm just posting to share my experience and maybe get some input.I took Plan B on August 24th about 12 hours after I had sex. I had unprotected sex, and believe me that is a huge mistake unless you're in a committed relationship. Anyway, I started bleeding August 29th (2 weeks before it was due) it was light at first and a brownish color but then it started like a regular period and continued for 13 long days.... This scared me intensely. I never wanted to take plan b in the first place but I was irresponsible and I felt like I had no other choice.Anyway the bleeding stopped suddenly on the 13th day after being intimate which of course was just another reason to stress me out. Now on October 4th I'm 10 days late for my projected period which was supposed to come the 24th of September. I've been intimate a couple times since I've taken plan b and we were more careful but I'm nervous that I could be pregnant or worse something else could be wrong. My breasts are very tender and I'm experiencing light handedness and shortness of breath. I don't feel much of anything related to cramping sans a pinch or so every once in awhile but nothing that would make me expect my period. I'm having very very light milky white discharge with no odor. Is anyone else having this same problem? Any advice? Thank you. A side note: my boyfriend doesn't seem to care at that I might be pregnant. He said he will stay with me no matter what and maybe it's faith. I honestly think he might want a baby secretly and I sure as hell don't.