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So my situation is a little bit different than everything I've read online. So I screwed up last months birth control due to some crazy late nights studying and completely forgetting it a couple nights so I got it early and started a new pack which I have taken perfectly. I started the pack on December 10th. On December 20th I had sex but the condom broke so I took plan b just in case. He did not ejaculate inside me. Now, I am on day 3 of the nonhormone pills and today got a dark brown discharge and some light bleeding. This worries me so I wanted to ask, is this my period? Does this mean I'm not pregnant? It would be a full relief if I'm not! I'm just very confused. Thank you.


Well kinda random same with me. I losted my virginity on the 20th of Dec. xD

I got discharge after 4 days after taken Plan B then my period started right after that discharge.Which is normal when your suppose to take Plan B suppose to get period between 5-6 days after taken Plan B so you know if worked it. If you didn't get your period it's most likely probably wanna see doctor but discharge is most likely it's working. When taken Plan B I got major mood swings like soo bad my period wasn't that heavy either but I had it for like 3 days.