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From Sciencey.

I think teachers,parents,and goverment load too much stress on students.The number of suicide and suicidal attempts among students are alarmingly high.I think goverment should not stress students like this.This affects their mental health,and produces disastrous effects.In your country,it might be different.I'm from Singapore.


Hi Sciencey,

given you are from Singapore, I completely understand the pressure you feel - I recently watched a documentary about free to play gamers (it's free on Steam) and one of the top players who earns like $1million when his team wins a championship in Dota 2 is still scolded by his family because his grades dropped from straight A student to B. It's like his complete family thinks he is wasting his life, even though he is earning more money playing video games professionally than he would with a lot professions,

Wish you all the best,