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I have no feeling towards anything at all i feel empty

Answered by a doctor

Ok i have a really complex case but i hope you can help me out. lets see it all started about three and a half years ago. this is when i started to feel a little depressed, not anything bad though, and it was because of a pretty dramatic event in my life. There was alot of negative talk about me...

by User avatar jballer

I get sad seeing sad images. sometimes, I even cry

So, there are these stock images, and when I see some sad stock images, i get sad, and sometimes even cry.. I just feel sad when i see others being sad :(( is it normal?

by User avatar Guest

Staying in bed all day and faking sickness because of my depression and social anxiety

I was sick 4 days ago for one day and because of my depression I've been telling my mom I'm still sick and lying in bed all day. I know it's not healthy and it's also not going to help my depression or social anxiety.. I'm planning to go back on Friday (the last day of school) but I've been...

by User avatar Guest

Increased alcohol use on Cymbalta

Answered by a doctor

I have been taking Cymbalta for about 8 months now. In the last few months it seems that I am drinking more alcohol and when I start drinking I don't stop. I never used to be a big drinker and am wondering if the Cymbalta is causing this. Has anyone else experienced this problem or is it all in...

by User avatar dbillie10468

Does anyone have a lot of mental problems other then me? It is getting worse every day

Does anyone have a lot of mental problems other then me? Everyday they get worse Idk if that's goodo or bad!

by User avatar Flare Devil love

Last night I overdosed on Duromine

Answered by a doctor

Last night at 6pm I tookd 30 duromine pills, 14 reductil, 2 hay fever tablets and 5 biscopan. In an attempt to kill myself. It was fine last night except I didn't get any sleep. I has now been over 18 hours, and I have tingling on the right side of my face, my ears are ringing, and I have no energy,...

by User avatar Ruby Love109208

Effexor and Thyroid problems

Answered by a doctor

I'm just wondering if anyone else has developed thyroid problems while taking Effexor?

by User avatar Guest

cymbalta for migraines

Answered by a doctor

just been put on cymbalta for migraines. I swear I believe it is helping. Not near as many. Gave myself an ulcer from the excederine migraine pills. Anyone else on cymbalta for migraines that can share. I've just been on for 2-weeks now.

by User avatar gy7277856391

Psychlogical laughing disorder...

Answered by a doctor

Hi, i have a problem with laughing. I laugh at innappropriate things and i cant help myself to stop! i laugh at people crying and hurting themselves and i hate myself for it. It is causing me major problems with my life and seems to be getting worse lately. It seems to come in stressful situations,...

by User avatar just wondering...

Bipolar husband always leaving and coming back

Answered by a doctor

Hi my husband and I have only. Been married for three months. We have been together for three and half yrs. we have two daughters and he's been rasing my son. he left me a week ago without a warning when I was asleep. the night before last text I got was love you more than anything want to spend...

by User avatar Countrychick1982