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Plz hlp...i just hd a foreplay wd ma bf on 28th march,he ddnt use any condoms and his p**** have got rubd many tmes to ma v*****,he precumd in betwn.. Fr precautn i tuk mrng aftr pill in jus 2 was ma seventh day of cycle.Aftr 3 days i.e. On 2nd aprl i startd bledn n i blded fr 5 days.Til tdy i hvnt gt ma period(last tme i gt period on 23rd march).M realy woried.plz gve sme sgstns.


Hi Guest,

It's a normal side effect of the morning after pills.  Your next SEVERAL periods can be early or late and heavier or lighter than normal.

Chances of pregnancy are VERY low.  You can take a home test if you want.  Use your first morning urine (wakeup pee) for best accuracy.

Good luck.