I'm a recently married (not quite 2 months yet) wife whose been on the pill for 6 years. Very regular periods, but this past time it was very short (tops 3 days when they usually last 5-6 days) but around the day it was supposed to come and was bright red the whole time, not brown at all. The flow was very light, which is odd for me because the first day or two is usually pretty heavy. Friday after dinner I thought I was going to vomit and became very tired. Saturday I felt dizzy, nauseous, seeing spots in my line of vision, some lower back pain I've never had before, incredibly tired, had weird feelings in my stomach (not cramps, more like pulling for very short periods of time) and moody. Also have had horrible headaches, loss of appetite, and have felt like I've been 'in a fog' for about 2 weeks. Sunday I slept for a very long time but still felt this way, just not as severe. Felt like this part of monday and then was suddenly fine? My husband and I use a condom at the end of intercourse, but not the whole thing. Could I be pregnant or maybe just the flu? Never had a fever or vomitted so I'm just very unsure. Any advice is appreciated, don't think I should buy a home test right? Thanks!!!