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Pregnancy messes with your body and mind alike.

When you are expecting a baby, you might be overly emotional and prone to bouts of crying, have itching all over your body, crave pickled peppers and ice cream in the middle of the night, and ask a shop assistant to help you tie your laces after trying those new maternity pants up.

OK, OK, none of these things are truly stupid. They are memorable enough to give you a laugh years afterwards though, and they're funny to hear about. Readers who are already moms or currently expecting might nod their heads in recognition, while ladies who are still trying to conceive might hope to experience some of these silly things for themselves!

Sudden episodes of clumsiness

I love some good DIY, and did a lot during my pregnancies as well. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I've never been as clumsy as I was during pregnancy. Besides messing up crib assembly, I actually constantly nearly tripped over. Other pregnant women have experienced the same thing. Some of my friends report burning themselves on the oven throughout pregnancy, while others recall parking incidents. Why might you suddenly become accident prone during pregnancy?

Well, you do have a lot of more interesting stuff on your mind. Impending parenthood is certainly more important than the mundane tasks that can go wrong. During the later stages of pregnancy, you might also have a huge bump that stops you from being able to carry tasks out without accident.

Forgetting stuff

You might forget your keys, your phone number, or what you came to the store for. Forgetfulness during pregnancy is so common that it has more than one name; "pregnancy brain" or "pregnancy fog" is what this daze is known as. Who is to blame? Your usual suspects of course pregnancy hormones! Apparently third-trimester women actually have fewer brain cells. Don't worry though, as it's also said that they come back after you have your baby. To help you cope with your forgetfulness, write stuff down on your smartphone or tablet, or on a good, old-fashioned bit of paper.

You may also choose to simplify life so that there's less to forget. You won't have the opportunity to do that again for the next 18 or so years. I actually left the house without my wallet, something I only found out about at the checkout. I went back home for it, only to find myself back at the store without my wallet yet again. On the upside, I do actually remember that. Many pregnant women also report not remembering they are significantly bigger now, and trying to squeeze through small places only to get stuck. Oops.

Nesting behavior

I've always hated ironing, but I felt the compelling urge to wash the baby's clothes and iron them all at some point during my third trimester with my daughter. It turned out that this was the first sign of labor. I gave birth the next day. Nesting behavior is very common during the later stages of pregnancy and it doesn't always immediately precede labor. You may want to redecorate your whole house, bake cakes, clean everything, or declutter. Your nesting instinct shows that you're a mammal. Other animals do it too, including cats. It is just nature's way to make sure that the impending baby will be looked after nicely, but it can sure look stupid to outsiders.


Yes, I admit to crying when I saw a beer commercial during pregnancy. And when my husband brought the wrong takeout home. And when it was my friend's birthday but I couldn't make it to the party because I lived in another country. Let's face it: it is completely normal to be overly emotional during pregnancy. Thank those hormones and don't worry. You will get back to normal. Just not right after the baby is born, because you will be too exhausted from all those sleepless nights to stay sane.

Weird dreams

Many women have extremely weird dreams in pregnancy! This is clearly a way to cope with the huge responsibility that comes with becoming a parent. You might dream that your baby dies, or that you give birth to a kitten, or that you have a whole bunch of kids, or... anything, really. One friend of mine even dreamed that tribesmen wanted her to eat her own baby.

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