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Does anyone take victoza/liraglutide

Hi, I have diabetes type 2 and I'm wondering if anyone takes victoza/liraglutide. I've been reading that it has the ability to make you lose weight. Some of my friends have taken it and lost a fair amount of weight. It's supposed to bring your sugar levels down while increasing digestion. It's not...

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What are the ways from which we can control sugar level and improve our health ?

What are the ways from which we can  control sugar level and improve our health ?

by User avatar Kevin Nobles

Is the popular diabetes drug Trulicity really a new weight loss formula?

I've been using the diabetes drug Trulicity for 3 weeks now. Before I started, I did a lot of Googling and found out that a lot of people saw Trulicity as a weight loss drug. There are also plenty of sources that make it clear that this isn't really true, that Trulicity can perhaps help you lose a...

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My HBA1C has come down from 63 to 57. Is that good?

My HBA1C has come down from 63 to 57. Is that good?

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What do you think about diabetic insulin patches? When they will become available on prescription?


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Can the weight loss drug Trulicity aid weight loss in nondiabetics?

Hi everyone, I'm about to turn 40. I was as thin as a stick in younger years, and I remember thinking I'd always be the same size. I was obviously mistaken! I haven't weighed myself in a long while, but I know I'm overweight and I would like to start tackling the problem. A friend said I could...

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Can the diabetes drug Trulicity cause weight loss?

My doctor suggested I use Trulicity. I heard that one of the main "side effects" is that it also causes weight loss, which I could do with. He explained it to me but I did not understand everything he said, and I thought I could just see on the internet later. I am curious if there are people...

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Metformin side effect tinitus

Answered by a doctor

Hi, about a month ago I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 and my doctor put me on 500mg of Metformin twice a day. I now have roaring sounds in my ears. Sometimes a ringing sound and sometimes it sounds like a fog horn or something. My friends and family tell me I have tinitus. I know that a lot of...

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if being a type 2 diabetic cause penis foreskin to swell and crack, I am on a med metformin?

if being a type2 diabet cause penis foreskin to swell and crack l am on metformin?

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Soy yogurt found helpful in controlling diabetes

Scientists from the Massachusetts Amherst University decided to investigate what effects certain plant compounds had on the enzymes targeted by diabetes drugs, notably alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase and on angiotensin converting enzyme or ACE inhibitors, drugs used for lowering high blood...

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