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What will happen if I stop taking insulin?

I am worried that insulin is actually doing my body more harm than good. What will happen if I decide to stop taking insulin? I think I should be able to control my blood sugar with diet and exercise. Has anyone ever tried this? Have you stopped taking insulin for good? I'm hoping for some positive...

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What happens when insulin doesn't work?

Can insulin ever not work and if it doesn't what happens? Is it dangerous for it not to work? Whenever my dad takes his insulin it doesn't always seem to work and I don't know if that means that he isn't taking enough or if it his body doesn't use it correctly. Or maybe we shouldn't test right after...

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Is it true that dark chocolate is good for diabetics? Is it also good for prediabetics?

I read that dark chocolate is good for diabetics. Is it also good for prediabetics?

by User avatar Ansel Walcott

leg amputation gangrene diabetes life expectancy?

Answered by a doctor

Does anyone know what life expectancy of patients who had leg amputation due to gangrene diabetes is? I’ll appreciate any help.

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Pancreas producing insulin again?

Hi everyone, I just found out that my pancreas is producing insulin again. Is that possible. I have really been good about sticking to my diet and exercise protocol. I didn't think that my pancreas could ever work properly again. I'm wondering if this will continue. I certainly hope that it does...

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Can the insulin pen be improved?

Ok, so I have been an engineer for most of my life and I am really wondering if there is a way to improve the insulin pen? I mean, when I started using it, I was almost sure that is painless and said to myself:''Oh, will likely not even know  I have diabetes any longer...''. Wrong!!! Thus, is there...

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Diabetes sufferer wants to share comments and suggestions about diabetes managing

Hi, my name is John. I am 68 years old, I live in Japan as I am a English Teacher from London and I am a diabetic. This message is mainly for that bright person 25 years old person named Pavia on this site but I would be very happy to share my comments with anybody else who is a diabetic and would...

by User avatar John E

Can the diabetes drug Trulicity cause weight loss?

My doctor suggested I use Trulicity. I heard that one of the main "side effects" is that it also causes weight loss, which I could do with. He explained it to me but I did not understand everything he said, and I thought I could just see on the internet later. I am curious if there are people...

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sexual side effects with lantus

has anyone had problems with sexual side effects with lantus?  it seems like since i started lantus, i don't have the desire for sex at all.  i am not responsive to my husband's advances and i don't really care to even get affectionate, which isn't like me at all.  if the lantus is responsible, i...

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Metformin and Blurred Vision, HbA1c

Answered by a doctor

Hello everyone, I've just been diagnosed with type 2 about 6 months ago. My HbA1c levels are around 26. My vision was was blurred and now I'm taking metformin and my vision appears to have gone back to normal. My doctor increased my metformin dosages slowly over a three week period. By the second...

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