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I am so frustrated I could cry!!  I cannot bring my blood sugar down with insulin some days.  I want to know why the insulin is not working to bring my sugar levels down!?  It is so dang unfair.  I am sticking to my diet and I get up early to exercise in the morning,but it doesn't seem to help at all.  And you would think the insulin I take would take care of the high blood sugars but it doesn't.  What if my blood sugars stay high???  I don't want to have problems like my mom did.  she had her right leg removed and is on dialysis.  :(  What do I do???


Hello, Guest.... I am sorry about your frustrations over getting your blood glucose to be more manageable.  There is apparently either hidden sugar in your diet that you are unaware of or your body is just needing more insulin to use up the glucose in your body.  I believe you should look at what you are eating.  The culprits in food are usually products that others make for us.  Anything that is a convenience food or you buy already prepared.  It may say it is sugar-free, but there could be other ingredients that raise your blood glucose.  Anything that ends with "ose" is a sugar of some sort.  "Fructose," "Maltose," "Lactose," and "Sucrose" are all sugars as well as corn syrups.  You will need to do a bit of research to educate yourself on the different types of sugars that hide in food.  You may need to also check your food products for them to see if that is why your blood glucose levels have been running so high.  If you are sure that you have not been eating something that could be raising your blood sugars, you need to talk to your doctor.  You may need to have your insulin dosage adjusted.