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My house is sucking our energy & leaving us feeling extremely tired & fatigue!

Answered by a doctor

Help! Something is wrong with our house- specifically the living room! Every time we go into the living room- our energy is instantly sucked from us & we usually fall asleep within minutes!!! When we leave the house- we feel great!! But as soon as we come home- our mood changes, & all our...

by User avatar Sandra D

herbs for curses

Hi, folks. In the last year I had some bad luck. It seems that nothing goes in my benefit. I am beginning to think that someone put a curse on me. I would like to change this somehow, although I am not sure how. Can you recommend me any herbs for curses? I would appreciate only serious answers....

by User avatar adrian1765222238

Good or bad experience using Reiki Therapy?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I have been having problems with my migraines for almost two years. I had a car accident and I suffered really serious head injuries. Fortunately I recovered completely in a month. The only problem I have is a severe headache, which usually occurs when I am tired or when the weather or air...

by User avatar Guest

Reiki healing and last treatment has left me with a lot of questions that my healer couldn't answer

Hi, I have been receiving reiki healing for around a year now, my last treatment has left me with a lot of questions that my healer could not answer. I would appreciate your advice. My healer explained that my spirit guide was there overseeing my transformation she said it was something she had...

by User avatar Dmc

Dangers of amateur reiki treatments

Answered by a doctor

I heard some very controverse opinions about reiki. Are there any side effects and are there any dangers if the procedure is done by an amateur? I am interested in reiki, but I heard so many different stories and now I am a bit skeptical about it. How dangerous can it be?

by User avatar lisabeth146576620

Bad reiki experience - my whole body started shaking and I began to feel sick

Answered by a doctor

I was talked into trying a reiki session about 7 years ago . I was told it would help relax me after a stressful time in my life getting over ovarian cancer.  I wasn' on any treatment and had been given the all clear so what I experienced had nothing to do with medication. I was looking...

by User avatar weme

Bad Experience With Reiki

Answered by a doctor

Hello. I had a Reiki session a couple weeks ago. I felt the heat from the Reiki masters hands. It was done on a massage table and I was very uncomfortable. She also did crystals and read my angel cards. After the session I expected to feel different but didn't feel anything. A couple days later...

by User avatar Guest

Amateur Yoga - Should i Continue?

Answered by a doctor

Greeting, i have this 50 year old book of Yoga that explains all of the exercises so i started doing some of them that were pretty easy. But lately i have this problem, i basically have problem breathing. I started to experience this problem after i started doing Yoga by myself. Its like i forget to...

by User avatar Raynold

Could reiki have cured my period pain?

Answered by a doctor

I had my first reiki treatment last week, I didn't really feel anything and came away thinkng it had been a waste of money. Then I came on yesterday and normally I am doubled over with pain, throwing up, diarrhoea, fainting- the works; but yesterday all I had was a couple of twinges! Today I have...

by User avatar jengirl4803

Reiki methods, is it Chi or Qui channeling?

Answered by a doctor

Can someone clarify this for me if possible? I am hoping to get the correct information about reiki - I am aware that it is channeling of some kind. Is it Chi or Qui channeling? It would be great if you could clarify this, because I am looking into getting some treatments at the moment and would...

by User avatar sherwynd181205785